7 Car Maintenance Tips From Mitsubishi Dealers Gold Coast Trusts

7 Car Maintenance Tips From Mitsubishi Dealers Gold Coast Trusts

To most Aussies, Mitsubishi is a brand that hears only praise for their vehicles that are as amazing on the road as they are to look at. But how to care for them once you take them out of the dealer’s hands? Here’s what Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast has today has to say:

For The Wheels To Go Round And Round… Smoothly

Tyre Pressure

The first car maintenance tip you should observe has something to do with the tyres of your vehicle. Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast recommends all agree that regular tyre inspection is a must for car-owners.

Monitor tyre pressure to make sure they’re inflated properly, and fill them up whenever necessary. What you can do is use the gauge to get a reading on the tire pressure. Then, compare the numbers with that of the car maker’s tire pressure recommendation.

Tread Depth

Secondly, survey their tread depth. Doing so will enhance your driving safety. Excellent traction equates to better road-grip.

The age and condition of your car tires are variables that require your attention as well.

For A “Fluid” Drive Anywhere You Go

Alt Text: Hyundai Driving Along The Highway

Hydraulic Fluid 

What’s next on this list revolves around vehicle fluids. The power steering fluid, also known as “hydraulic fluid”, is what delivers power to your car’s steering system. It has to be somewhere along the halfway benchmark to provide you with ease in turning the wheels.

Engine Oil 

A vehicle’s engine oil should be checked on a weekly basis. When you do, warm up the engine and set the car on level pavement or ground. Once warmed up, turn the engine off. And in a few minutes, use the dipstick to see if the level of oil is in the middle of both marks, as it should be.

Brake Fluid 

Most Hyundai dealers Queensland residents rely on, make certain that the fluid is on the “full” line in the brake master cylinder.

For A Dashing Aesthetic


Similar to a Hyundai i30 for sale Gold Coast has today, the chassis of your automobile can be extended in terms of shine, colour, and buff, through a mere few steps. Mainly, clean and/or wash your car every 2 weeks. More if you reside in a location where salt is prevalent in the environment (i.e. beaches). Sodium corrodes metal and causes them to be vulnerable to rust.

Cabin Interior 

Mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast recommends the interior cabin be conveniently cleaned using a low-power vacuum, a cloth/wiper, and a car cleaner. All for a pristine and shiny look.

Furthermore, don’t forget about the carpet. It is, after all, among the parts of a car’s interior that accumulate dirt and debris the quickest. Pull them off the car floor. Shake and/or beat dust and debris away.

If it remains heavy with grime, mix a mild soap (preferably one that’s meant for car carpet washing) in hot water and scrub away. A foaming carpet cleaning agent is a good alternative, too.

Now, Hyundai dealers Melbourne has these days usually advise clients to dry the carpet is just as important as cleaning it. Not being able to do so will have it smelling musty and odorous.

Completely air-dry them before putting them back on the floorboard. Heater fans and dehumidifiers can help dry them faster.

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