Work Temporary Jobs in Singapore in the Best Firms

Temporary Jobs in Singapore

The value of temporary jobs is something that really goes unappreciated in the working space. This is because we live in a culture that sets a protocol to value long-term over short-term employment. Most people have a hard time being taken seriously by society, especially if they are doing part-time jobs.

But after the recent pandemic hit the world in unimaginable ways, people have really started to shift how they view temporary or part-time jobs. When Covid-19 started to take a toll on all businesses across the world, many people lost their jobs and were forced to find alternative ways to earn a living.

This is when part-time and contract jobs really started getting the attention that it really deserves. And if you’ve been struggling to find temporary jobs in Singapore, then this guide has you covered.

Below are some of the companies that can offer you both permanent, and contract-type job positions in Singapore.

1. DBS Bank

Needless to say, this is one of the most popular and successful banks in Singapore and anyone would benefit from being hired by this financial institution. Currently, this bank has about 210 position openings, including:

· Part-time jobs

· Permanent jobs and

· Temporary jobs

So, if you are a banking and finance professional looking for a job in either of the three job terms, you can consider applying for the positions available.


This is another nice firm where you can find temporary jobs in Singapore. It’s a world-class brand in innovative storage and memory solutions. What this company does is it converts immense amounts of data recorded or stored into valuable insights.

The company helps people by redefining how they use the information acquired. It currently has 33 job openings for permanent, part-time, and temporary roles. The type of jobs includes Engineering, Technician, Warehousing Assistance and Operators.

3. Singapore Press Holdings LTD

The Singapore Press Holdings Limited is a leading media organisation that engages the minds and enriches lives across different platforms and languages as well. It’s mainly involved in publishing newspapers, books in digital and print editions, and magazines.

This company is currently in need of 11 people to fit in different positions of their company. The 11 positions include part-time, contract, permanent, and temporary roles as well.

4. Salesforce Singapore

Salesforce Singapore is another great option if you are trying to find temporary jobs in Singapore. They currently have about 41 vacant positions that they are looking to fill with part-time, permanent, or contract roles.

The spaces available are for people in Marketing, Sales, ICT Professionals, and Technical Consultants.


If you are aware of Certis Group, then you already know that this is their subsidiary company. People Advantage PTE Ltd provides the following services to their clients:

· Employment agency services

· Recruitment and business outsourcing

· Customer services

The company is looking to fill about 8 positions and they are open for contract, permanent, part-time, and other flexible roles.

6. Cold Storage Singapore (1983) PTE LTD & NTUC Fairprice Co-operative LTD

With a rise in demand for their products and services, it’s no surprise that these two brands are looking to add more manpower in their operations. The former company (Cold Storage Singapore PTE LTD) is currently looking for five additional employees. On the other hand NTUC Fairprice Co-operative LTD is hiring for 9 positions.

The terms include full-time and part-time roles, which fits for people looking to find temporary jobs in Singapore.