6 Best Ways to play Minecraft Multiplayer with Friends all over the World

Minecraft Multiplayer

With the popular Minecraft game, a whole new world of gaming has emerged as a virtual game with no rules. 

With Minecraft players can build and explore however and whatever they want and create Minecraft worlds the way they envision them.

Millions of kids pass their days mining and building in a virtual landscape to create their own adventures together at any level of play. 

The best part about Minecraft is that it connects players as game moderators and teams that create their own code to enhance the game individually.

If you’re not aware of all the different ways in which you can connect with other Minecraft players to play a multiplayer game, then read on. 

How to Make the Most of the Minecraft Multiplayer Mode with Friends?

Because there are plenty of ways of how to play Minecraft Multiplayer with your friends, here is a list of suitable options for different types of Minecraft players. 

If you want to watch this quick video to start playing with your friends beforehand, get right in there:

Option #1: Split Screen Method 

This option is suitable for Minecraft gaming console players. 

Simply click on the ‘Create New World’ option on your console.

Get the other players to press the ‘Three lines’ button on their controller.

They can then select an account and log in.

Your Minecraft gaming screen will then split, and you can play with a friend or more friends.

Option #2: Visible LAN Servers 

This option is great if you have friends staying over! If you share the same network, you can use the LAN server method.

Start by opening the game and connect with your single-player world.

Press Esc to open the menu and select the Open to LAN option.

Adjust the settings and start playing.

Everyone using the same network as you can join your server. They can select your username and the name of your Minecraft world in the Multiplayer tab and they’re in. 

Option #3: Join a Java Edition Server

Head to the Minecraft website and then the Multiplayer Tab.

Click on Add Server and enter the name of your chosen world, its IP address, and port. Then click on Done.

Now, select the server that has been added to the Multiplayer tab and select “join to start playing”. 

And you’re good to join your friends in this Minecraft world!

Option #4: Join a Bedrock Edition Server

Head to the Minecraft website and then choose the Play option.

Click on Add Server in the Server tab and enter your server’s name and IP address.

Save and click on the desired server to join and start playing with your fellow gamers.

Option #5: Create Minecraft Realms 

You can join or create realms in the JavaScript or Bedrock Minecraft edition. 

However, you must first purchase the realms, before you can start playing. Alternatively, you can join a realm that was created by someone else, but you need to get an invite from them to join.

Option #6: Create your own Minecraft Server 

For the ultimate gaming freedom where you don’t rely on others and don’t encounter limited playing options, you can create your own Minecraft server. 

You are free to choose the version of Minecraft to play for your own server and you can obviously be picky about who you invite to play with you.

You can add as many players as you want (depending on the server hosting plan you choose).

You can customize your Minecraft server with different mods and mod packs to create the Minecraft game as you wish.

You can get your own server hosting within a few minutes with SeekaHost Minecraft hosting, including access to free Minecraft tutorials and ticket support by a team of experts to help you with anything you need for your Minecraft server.

What else can enhance the Minecraft Multiplayer Mode with Friends?

If you have friends around the globe that speak different languages, you can change the languages of the text in Minecraft to speak with them in their native language and learn a new language at the same time. It’s a win-win for you all. 

The Minecraft gaming experience can additionally be enhanced through game options like various sounds & graphics, different difficulty levels and alternating the general settings. 

If you’re a competitive bunch, you can play in different Minecraft game modes like the survival mode where you all players must overcome different challenges together or adventure mode where all players must complete an adventure without destroying anything and rather collaborate to succeed. 

If your group of friends are creative minds, then the creative mode is the one to go for where you can incorporate any ideas without being limited by rules. 

Because Minecraft players can cooperate and play together in the Multiplayer mode, playing Minecraft supports children’s social skills like communication, cooperation, and teamwork. 

So, if you and your friends are preparing to get into eSports, it is also the perfect starting point. 

Minecraft Multiplayer brings Friends together

Having seen the many Minecraft Multiplayer options and possibilities this game offers to its players; it is undeniable that this video game has a lot to offer even for younger children just as it does for adults that love to play in groups. It is fun, entertaining and it connects people especially in times when it’s harder to meet up in real life scenarios.