Cloud Gateway; Solution To Manage Your Storage Between Clouds

Cloud gateway

The cloud gateway is the connectivity pub that takes a dynamic approach. It enables enterprises to build reliable, secure, and high-performance hybrid cloud architectures. You can retain your in-house infrastructure and information through cloud gateway. You can gain the cost benefits and flexibility of a new IT service delivery model built on cloud-based services. All access through a simple pointer presence inside cloud gateway.

These direct connections enhance application’s performance and availability while lowering expenditure, enabling you to achieve strategic goals, accelerate business performance and maintain high levels of security and standards compliance.

The approach is entirely scalable and the impact to your business is immense. It enables you to excel as fast as you choose to grow.

With the advancement of cloud gateway you can access thousands of providers, all discoverable in the global equity marketplace. The enterprise cloud gateway is immediate strategic advantage connect your in-house infrastructure and datacenter through a simple point of presence.

This hybrid architecture enables you to benefit from cloud-based IT services and suppliers to accelerate your business whilst retaining your existing infrastructure. It is time to prepare your strategy, make your move, to the game-changing datacenter for your business.


Cloud has always been the key to save your data in any catastrophic event. With the virtualized gateway you can save your data in any event of disaster. Transforming it into the virtual machine and put it onto a hypervisor in the cloud is the solution. It is not fast but is better than losing all your mission critical data.


Cloud based services include many advancements which make the data storage, disaster recovery and backup easy.

Flexibility in the cloud

Cloud gateway provides you with the private and dedicated connectivity to multiple cloud platforms.

Security and reliability:

The connectivity between the clouds is in secure and reliable manner.

Simple Accessibility:

You can access your chosen cloud platforms in a simple manner.

There are cloud storage gateway products which provide services like data deduplication, snapshots, version control, ability to use local storage cache, automated tiering, encryption and compression which allows you bandwidth efficiency and fast data transfer. This reduces data footprint, lowers costs and provide you with enterprise cloud storage.