John Mars Net Worth 2023: Assets, Investments, Early Life

John Mars net worth

John Mars net worth is $50 billion. He is a wealthy American businessman with a net worth that far exceeds many contemporary billionaires. Also, he is in charge of the Mars Chocolate Group. But here’s something interesting: he’s not the only billionaire in his family. His family is full of billionaires. 

His family’s net worth is approximately $110 billion. Also, he is often referred to as the Chocolate King. Moreover, their company is one of the biggest privately-owned companies globally. Moreover, they have been involved in the chocolate business for over a century. Furthermore, the empire is spread all across the world and known to one and all. 

John Mars Net Worth

John Mars has been involved in the chocolate business for 55 years. His family’s company has been in the chocolate business for 110 years. John Mars’ net worth is $50 billion USD. Also, his earnings have only increased in the past few years. This is good for the company itself. 

John Mars Net Worth Growth

Additionally, here is a growth rate table to help you understand his accumulation of wealth over the years. Take a look below:-

Net Worth in 2023 $50 Billion
Net Worth in 2022 $46 Billion
Net Worth in 2021 $42 Billion
Net Worth in 2020 $38 Billion
Net Worth in 2019 $35 Billion
Net Worth in 2018 $32 Billion

John Mars


His company made about $80 billion in revenue and $40 billion in net profit last year. He receives $2-3 billion in dividends annually. By selling 2% of his company to Berkshire Hathaway, he earned around $800 million. Also, there are many other avenues of income that he has. And they contribute a lot to his overall wealth. Furthermore, he also invests in many ventures from time to time. 

Other Ventures

In addition to chocolates, he expanded his company into the hospital industry by acquiring a major US hospital chain for $8 billion. Also, his residence is estimated to be worth around $80 million. Instead of owning a car, he owns three private jets. Furthermore, these assets are only likely to increase in the coming few years. 

An Interesting Tidbit

His company has a long history, dating back to its role as the official chocolate supplier for the American Army during World War II. Thanks to his wealth, John Mars has been counted among the world’s richest individuals for fifteen years. Around ten years ago, he even held the position of the third richest person in the world. Also, he made a lot of wealth in the initial years after World War II. 

Early Life

Real Name John Mars
Nickname N/A
Net Worth $50 billion (As of 2023)
Date of Birth October 15 1935
Age 87 years (As of 2023) 
Birthplace America
Current Residence America
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Martial Status Married
Girlfriend/ Affairs Adrienne Bevis
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

John Franklyn Mars was born on October 15, 1935. Also, his parents were Audrey Ruth and Forrest Mars, Sr., and his grandparents were Frank C. Mars. Moreover, they started the candy company Mars, Incorporated. John Mars finished high school at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut in 1953, and later attended Yale University. Moreover, his academic credentials are spotless. 


As a member of the Mars family, John Mars owned assets and shares in the company that were worth around $10 billion in September 2010. Also, this made him one of the 52nd richest individuals globally and the 26th richest person in America, according to Forbes. Furthermore, on October 2012, he was listed as the 30th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $20.1 billion.

Personal Life

John Mars got married to Adrienne Bevis in June 1958. Also, they have three children: Linda Anne Mars, born on May 23, 1960 (63 years old), Frank Edward Mars, born on March 13, 1963 (60 years old), and Michael John Mars, born on November 22, 1967 (55 years old). In March 2015, Queen Elizabeth II granted him an honorary knighthood at Windsor Castle. Furthermore, he lives a happy life now.


1. What is John Franklyn Mars’ net worth? 

John Franklyn Mars’ net worth is approximately $50 billion.

2. How old is John Franklyn Mars? 

John Franklyn Mars is currently 87 years old.

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