What new Apple Products are Coming out in 2021?

new apple products coming out

2021 is going to be a great year for all the Apple fans out there. The new Apple products coming out are going to be the unicorn products that they have been talking about for years. You will be able to purchase products like Apple AR glasses, Airpower or an iPad like device that runs on macOS. Isn’t it sounds interesting?

So, let’s get started with some of the amazing new Apple products coming out in 2021.

What are New Apple products coming out in 2021?

AR glasses

We all are really excited for Apple AR glasses in 2021. Although the rumour suggests that we might be able to see the product at the end of 2021 or in 2020.

iPhone 13

We are already hearing rumours about iPhone 13. In fact, there are chances of iPhone 14 as well. There would be a 120 Hz, reduce notch, and 10x optical zoom, and embedded fingerprint scanner. All these features are rumoured, for what new iPhone 13 is going to add we have to wait till September 2021.


Airpower is supposed to charge all the three devices at once like your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. While Magsafe, that was released earlier could charge only two. Airpower will be able to manage all the compatible devices to communicate with each other.

#Apple TV

Apple TV is going to offer more than a way of watching content. It is going to have its own app store and games. The Apple Tv will be redesigned as a game console with new game controllers.

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Apple car  

Apple car has been one of the hot topics. It is said that they have more than 1,000 developers working on this project, called Project Titan. It is working on several different ranges of sensors that promote self-driving.

Mac Pro

Apple Silicon Mac Pro is in process with 32-core CPU and 128-core GPU. It is going to be the half size of the intel.


Apple is going to launch the new Airpods like AirPods X and Airpods Pro Lite and headphone combined together as AirPod Studio. It will have automatic ear detection and active noise cancellation.


There is much evidence that suggests Apple is planning to launch Air tag. It is a tag object tracker which is going to help in finding your important items using find my app.

How is it going to work?

You have to firstly, link your air tag to an iCloud account. Secondly, attach it somewhere you don’t lose. You will get notified if your item moves out of range. If by any chance, you lose your tag device when you can easily find it with the help of Find my app. If you are not able to find it and someone else find it then, you will be notified and that person will get your details.

A bigger version of iPad mini

In iPad Mini, you will see a bigger screen size and no home button. Although we are not sure about the features like face ID on iPad or OLED. Most probably you will get a 13 processor.

These were some of the highly expected new Apple products coming out in 2021. So, get ready to purchase them and you are going to love the latest collection about to release.