Mor Shapiro – Interesting Facts About Ben Shapiro’s Wife

Ben Shapiro Wife

Mor Shapiro is the wife of a celebrity, Benjamin Shapiro. The life of Mor is not so easy, as she is the wife of a political celebrity. Benjamin is a political person who is a press host as well. He is a lawyer and author too. Thus, most of the information about his wife stays secret from the media. So let us discuss some interesting facts about Ben Shapiro Wife, Mor Shapiro.

Interesting Facts About Ben Shapiro Wife, Mor Shapiro:

Did you know where she completed her education in Israel?

Yes, the information regarding her education in Israel is available. She completed her degree from Sha’arei Mishpat College in Israel. Then, she moved from her birthplace to California to continue her higher studies. In California, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Did you know that she is a doctor?

Yes, it is true, that she is a doctor. She completed her research in developmental neuroscience at UCLA. She took two years to complete her research. Additionally, she focused on the MRI system technology to find out the changes in the child’s brain development. She focused on this subject a lot to complete her research.

Then, she completed her degree and research to become a doctor. At present, she is working as a doctor and mainly concentrates on women’s health. She initially worked in the California Department of Family Medicine as a general physician.

Dr. Mor is a great specialist in bioethics and an advocate too. Therefore, she initiated the DGSOM UCLA Symposium, which has become a great success. At present, this symposium becomes a yearly event too.

She married Ben Shapiro:

Only a little information about this romantic couple is available. Ben’s sister, Abigail introduced her to him. Then, the couple became friends and started dating later. Finally, the couple tied the knot in a traditional Jewish way. Their wedding happened in Acre, Israel.

In a blog post, Ben shared some things about them. From that post, it is understood that Ben was 24 years old and Mor was 20 years old at the time of marriage. He also mentioned that he was expecting lovable children in his family. His wish came true and the couple has three lovable children now.

She has Moroccan roots:

It is a great surprise for her fans that Mor has Moroccan roots. Almost many years ago, her parents moved from Morocco to Israel. But her birthplace is Israel and she later migrated to California for education.

She loves to sing:

Dr. Mor has a mesmerizing voice and thus, loves to sing a lot. While studying in California, she joined the singing Accapella group. Furthermore, she loves Pippin and the Wicked. Also, she is a big fan of Game of Thrones.

She has never dated anyone before Ben:

She didn’t have any relationship in her previous history. As she is a Jewish person, she never wants to share her life with a Non-Jewish person. She is much serious about her religion.

She is rich:

Her net worth is approximately $1.2 million and she earned this huge fortune through her career as a doctor.  Moreover, she never discloses her actual wealth to the media.


These were some fascinating facts about Ben Shapiro Wife. Read through the article to get more information about her career and other facts.

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