7 Fun Diy Travel Crafts to Keep Kids Busy on Long Trips

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Experienced parent knows that traveling with kids isn’t always an easy task. Kids get bored quickly, and it’s a common problem that all parents experience especially during road trips and long distance flights. If you are not traveling with a toddler, who can get distracted just by looking at his best baby wipes, you will need to figure out some ways to keep your kids entertained, and we are here to help you. Luckily, there exists a variety of easy craft ideas for teens and small children. After you learn how to make fun Diy Travel Crafts, the trip will be less frustrating. From letter games for children to amazing crayon holders and other crafts, travellers will discover some great ways of keeping the children busy when travelling.

How to make fun crafts that can keep children busy during road trips

  • Letters game

Creating alphabet game is quite simple and it is the best way of occupying and entertaining kids during very long journeys. Apart from offering entertainment, great experts believe that the letters game is also the best way to enable school attending children to learn the alphabet. The game can get created using cooking and working place materials.

  • Printable Mad Libs

This craft is among the first ones that you should learn about once you choose to understand how to make fun crafts. They can be printed from a computer and they are suitable for both children and grownups. Once you create one, you may create a small folder of mad libs for the children and arrange them as per age so that it can be easy for your children.

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  • Coffee containers travelling kits

Never throw away coffee containers. Instead, we recommend using step by step ideas to create great DIY travelling kits. You may put anything inside them, for instance, you may fill them with printed games or small toys. 

  • Cookie sheet task tray

Recent or past cookie sheets form a perfect tray for children. Children may use the trays for crafts, colouring or store their snacks. Parents may use Velcro to make it simple to put them on and take them off. They function properly with vehicle seats and armrests in many vehicles.

  • Crayon Keeper

After learning how to make fun crafts, you will find it simple to create a small crayon holder so that your children may carry crayons during the trip. With only a few scrap fabric parts, you will create crayon holders and you will also make zippered parts to prevent crayons from coming out.

  • Cozy vehicle caddy

Here is a unique craft idea for children that like playing with vehicles. It is very effortless to create this DIY and it contains a room where cars will be kept safely and there is also a small road area for on the road games. It can be folded easily for packing or children can just have it with them at their seats.

  • Modifiable travel map


Kid painting

Children could really love ideas to make some fun maps. The modifiable maps may be printed out on a PC and then the children can come up with their personal routes for the journey. Simply let them write about where you are travelling to and any other interesting stops. This is an exciting task and can also be a great wall art after returning home.


Those are the main travel activities for children. Could you be having other amazing ways of how to make easy Diy Travel Crafts to make children occupied when travelling? Feel free to write your suggestions on how we can keep the little one busy during long trips. 

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