Some of The Most Iconic Spider-Man Easter Eggs To Find in the Movies

Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Since its debut in 2002, the Spider-Man franchise has faced ups and downs, from a promising start to a decline, followed by a controversial reboot, and eventually finding a place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Given the immense popularity of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the buzz surrounding No Way Home, we’re revisiting the Web-Head’s cinematic journey to uncover hidden clues and secrets that keen-eyed viewers may have missed. Here are some of the most iconic easter eggs that you can find in the movies if you watch carefully. 

Stingray Tribute

During a montage in Spider-Man, Peter experiments with various costume ideas, including one resembling a wingsuit. This is actually a nod to the aquatic superhero Stingray, who glides through water using large fins attached to his sides. While not widely known, the mention of Stingray showcases an early example of Marvel’s future storytelling techniques. Let us see if Stingray makes an appearance in the future. 

Shazam and Superman

Throughout the Spider-Man movies, different phrases have been used to activate the web-slinging abilities. One of them is “shazam!”, which is the catchphrase of DC’s Captain Marvel. Another phrase, “up, up and away!”, was typically used by Superman to signify his flight. Interestingly, Tobey Maguire ad-libbed these words while portraying Spider-Man. It is a fine nod to the iconic superhero. 

Stingray Tribute

The Lucy Lawless Cameo

In a scene where New Yorkers share their thoughts on the new spider-hero, Lucy Lawless, known for her role in Xena: Warrior Princess, makes a secret cameo. Lawless expresses her opinion that a “guy with eight hands sounds hot,” possibly as a nod to director and Xena producer Sam Raimi. That’s quite a nice way of giving a nod to the creator of the show. 

Dr Strange Came Years Ago

During a discussion about naming the renegade Otto Octavius, JJJ suggests the name “Doctor Strange,” but it’s already taken. The Bugle wants to avoid confusion between the supervillain and the famous neurosurgeon. Now that is one way to promote an upcoming series in a major movie. 

A Family Affair

In the train scene of Spider-Man 2, the boys reassuring Spidey about keeping his identity a secret are Tobey Maguire’s younger half-brothers. It’s a surprise family involvement! Now that is what we call a family affair. Of course, the only people who will keep his involvement a secret are his own family. Pun intended. 

The Lucy Lawless Cameo

Steve Ditko Hint

If you’re familiar with Spider-Man comics, you’ll recognize the name “Ditkovich.” It’s a tribute to Steve Ditko, one of the creators of Spider-Man, along with Stan Lee. In Spider-Man 2, his name is given to a grumpy landlord as a loving tribute to his contribution. Fair point, eh?

The Main Theme of Spider Man

In Spider-Man 2, while waiting for Mary Jane at the theater, Peter encounters a woman playing a tune on her violin. Also, she sings and plucks the iconic 1960s theme song of Spider-Man, “Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!” It’s a fun Easter Egg that references the Web-head’s classic theme.

Flash Thompson in the Movie

Did you spot this Spider-Man Easter Egg? During Harry Osborn’s funeral, Flash Thompson makes a surprising appearance among the guests. Many viewers remember Flash as Peter’s high school bully in Spider-Man 1. In the comics, the two eventually reconcile and become friends when they attend university, so it’s possible that’s what happened here.

The Main Theme of Spider Man

The Belltower Hint

If you’re familiar with the comics, you might recognize this Easter Egg in Spider-Man 3. In the scene where Peter removes the Symbiote in a church bell tower, with Eddie Brock below, it references the popular depiction of how the Venom symbiote bonds with Eddie. This scene was so iconic in the comics that the 1992 Spider-Man TV show faithfully recreated it.

Hobgoblin Easter Egg

In Harry Osborn’s montage, he showcases a silver version of the goblin mask, which is believed to reference Hobgoblin, a supervillain who imitates the Green Goblin, including using a similar enhancing formula. However, the movie ultimately has Harry become a new version of the Green Goblin instead. Willen Dafoe is one of the finest actors in the world. 

The Rhino

While examining DNA splicing options, Curt Connors comes across a hologram of a rhinoceros, which appears to be a direct reference to the formidable villain known as the Rhino. However, it turns out to be a misdirection, as the next movie introduces a mechanized version of the character called the Ultimate Rhino. Still, it’s a cool allusion to the character.

Hobgoblin Easter Egg

Electro Foreshadowing

In a typical Marvel-style end-credits scene, Curt Connors is shown in prison, hinting at what’s to come in the next Spider-Man installment. A shadowy figure appears and disappears, accompanied by a lightning bolt, clearly alluding to the character of Electro, known from the comics. One can only guess at who is going to come in the movies next. The iconic Sinister Six anthem plays in the background. 

The Upside Down Kiss

During Homecoming, original Spider-Man fans were delighted by a humorous nod that directly paid tribute to the infamous kiss with Mary-Jane. As Spidey hangs upside down in front of his crush, Liz, his suit’s AI, Karen, encourages him by saying, “Peter, this is your chance. Kiss her!” Also, all fans could do was to control their emotions when this happened. They fell in love with the franchise all over again. 

The Amazing Spider Man

In a cool comic reference, Spider-Man finds himself in a tough spot after a fight with The Vulture. But he musters up strength and removes the rubble from on top of him. This moment pays homage to a beloved Spider-Man story called “The Amazing Spider-Man #33.” It’s also seen as a tribute to the talented comics artist and creator, Steve Ditko. The comics are incredibly cool and they contain some very iconic scenes. You will love this one. We guess it is available now on Amazon for a very low price. 

Electro Foreshadowing

Star Wars Homage

Marvel and Star Wars love to connect their movies in cool ways. In Homecoming, they sneaked in a nod to the iconic Star Wars franchise. Peter’s room had several Star Wars figures, and his friend Ned was seen holding a LEGO Death Star model. It’s safe to say that Peter and Ned have great taste.

The Comics Code Authority 

Comic book fans of the past will appreciate the humor in Into the Spider-Verse. The movie starts with a stamp that says “approved by the Comics Code Authority.” Also, this stamp was commonly seen on Marvel and other comics from the 1940s to the 1990s. The Comics Code Authority set rules on what could and couldn’t be included in comics, but its influence declined by the 1980s and the stamp eventually disappeared in the early 2000s.

Essential Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee, a beloved figure in Marvel movies, made a special appearance in Into the Spider-Verse. In the film, an animated version of Stan Lee gives Miles a Spider-Man costume from behind a cashier counter. He fondly remarks, “I’m going to miss him. We were friends, you know.” It’s a heartfelt Easter Egg that fans will appreciate. Also, fans appreciated it a lot. 

Star Wars Homage

Spider Ham Cameo

Peter Porker is a very important part of the Spiderman canon. You have likely found him in the comics. He is a hilarious character and a fan favorite. Thus, it is no surprise that makers included him Into The Spider Verse. Fans have been clamoring for a full length feature ever since. 

Uncle Ben’s Feature

This is an easter egg from Far From Home. Peter is packing his bags for the Europe trip when we see that his bag has the initials BFP. This is a nod to his late uncle, who also happens to be a beloved character of the franchise. 

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