A List of Thor Facts Curated From Movies and Comics For Fans

Thor Facts

Here is a list of Thor facts from movies and comics. If you follow the MCU, you will know that Thor is the mightiest hero among the Avengers. He is a Norse god with immense powers over lightning and thunder. He also possessed the hammer called Mjolnir, which only he can raise in battle. However, Thor is not a very new character. He is one of the classic characters. And he is a fan-favorite. So let us discuss a few pieces of trivia about this character from the entertainment franchises. 

The First Comics

Thor made his debut in 1962 in the 83rd edition of the comic “Journey Into Mystery.” He was created by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Larry Lieber, and the character quickly became popular. It’s interesting to note that in almost 60 years, Thor’s iconic costume has remained largely unchanged.

Another Comic Book Cameo

In the first Thor movie, fans may have noticed a special cameo by Walt Simonson, the writer and artist of the Thor comics. Although not widely recognized, comic book enthusiasts would be familiar with him. He appears briefly in a banquet scene, where he can be seen laughing with Sif and Volstagg.

The First Comics

The Meaning of Ragnarok

If you’ve ever wondered what “Thor: Ragnarok” means, it translates to “Twilight of the gods.” In the movie, Thor’s sister Hela seeks to destroy Asgard and all its gods, which aligns with the meaning of Ragnarok. Also, Ragnarok features greatly in Norse mythology. It is a cataclysmic event in which most of the gods in the pantheon die and humanity takes birth anew. 

Time Travel and Thor

While not extensively depicted in the movies, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir had the ability to enable its wielder to travel through time. Although it would have been exciting to witness this power in the cinematic universe, the inclusion of time travel might have made problem-solving too easy for a typical two-hour blockbuster. Now it would have also given rise to a few complications. However, it was too difficult to achieve so they dropped it. 

Scientists Consulted for Thor

Even though the events in the Thor movies are mostly fictional, actual scientists were consulted to ensure that the pseudo-science portrayed seemed believable. This was particularly important for characters like Erik Selvig, Jane Foster, and Darcy Lewis, who had knowledge of astrophysics and needed to sound credible in their discussions.

Time Travel and Thor

Patty Jenkins Left Midway

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, was almost chosen to direct Thor 2, but Alan Taylor ended up taking the helm. Jenkins decided to leave the project because she felt that the plot was not sufficiently impressive. It can be said that she made a fortunate decision, as the second installment of the movie did not receive much critical acclaim. Even the fans did not like it that much. It was not excellent or exciting like the first one. It was just okay, and good thing Patty left midway. 

No Full Immortality for Asgard

Asgardians must consume a special fruit called the apples of Idunn to maintain their long lifespan. These apples only grow in Asgard and without them, Asgardians would age like regular humans, albeit at a slower rate. However, they possess a remarkable genetic advantage that we would envy: they are immune to any diseases found on Earth. This comes right out of Norse mythology. The apples possess a magical ability to enhance longevity and help the gods to live longer and without much maladies. A very handy ability to live in the frozen homeland. 

Some Extraordinary Pets

In the comics, Thor owns two goats named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, who pull his chariot. In Norse mythology, their names are Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. It would be interesting to see them in the movies, but we’re unsure how appealing they would be onscreen. The goats are one of the most interesting creatures in Norse mythology. 

Patty Jenkins Left Midway

Several Hammers Were Made

The production of Thor: The Dark World involved creating thirty different hammers to ensure there were always backups in case of damage. The hammers were crafted from different materials, with softer ones for stunts and heavier ones for scenes where they needed to be carried. So many props and so much work to do. We can only guess how much effort was needed to carry them around the sets. 

Stan Lee and Odin

Here’s an interesting fact about Thor and his universe: Stan Lee, the creator of many Marvel characters, originally wanted to play the character Odin. However, Anthony Hopkins ended up taking on the role, and Stan Lee approved of his performance. Despite not having many scenes in the franchise, Hopkins delivered a great performance. Of course, Stan Lee still made his customary cameos in all three movies.

Hela the Goddess

Here’s an interesting movie trivia for you: Before Cate Blanchett portrayed the terrifying and captivating Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel had not yet featured a female villain. Cate’s portrayal made history in the MCU, although many wish it had happened sooner! After all, she was stunning as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. 

Stan Lee and Odin

Liam Hemsworth Almost Got the Role

During his first audition, Chris Hemsworth didn’t perform well. Interestingly, his younger brother Liam Hemsworth, known for his role in the Hunger Games franchise, also auditioned for the same part and came close to landing it. In the end, Chris successfully secured the role, leaving us curious about how their family dinners must have been afterwards.

A Frog Named Thor

In the comics, Loki, known for his mischievous nature, pulled off a prank on Thor by transforming him into a frog. Yes, Thor became a frog! As a frog, he found himself involved in a peculiar war between rats and frogs that took place in Central Park. It’s an unusual turn of events, but that’s what happens in the world of comics!

Atum the God-Eater

In the comics, Thor has another brother named Atum. He possesses immense power and has a tendency to devour gods to absorb their powers. It would be interesting to see him in the movies, but Marvel might feel that Thor has already experienced enough family drama. This will open a different can of worms among the gods. Just imagine Atum and the God-Butcher joining hands. 

Liam Hemsworth Almost Got the Role

The Case of Hitler

In the comics, there was a storyline where Thor assisted Adolf Hitler in killing Joseph Stalin. This unexpected twist portrayed a thought-provoking commentary on the corrupting influence of war, showcasing how even the noblest individuals can be driven to commit atrocities. It delved into profound and dark themes.

Thor Cannot Fly Naturally

This fact about Thor might be confusing! Despite his majestic entrances from the sky, Thor doesn’t possess the ability to fly on his own. It is through the power of his magic hammer that he is able to soar through the air when he throws it with enough force. This much is evident from the movies. But it does not affect his performance in battle much as he can take on flying enemies a lot. 

Thor Cannot Fly Naturally

Mjolnir is Powerful

In the comics, Mjolnir grants Thor with various super-abilities that can differ significantly depending on the storyline. These powers range from time-travel to super-strength and more. In the movies, the writers introduce additional powers as needed and based on what serves the story best. 

Chances of a Classic Thor Movie

In 1990, Sam Raimi almost directed a Thor movie, but 20th Century Fox wrongly believed that a story about a Norse god wouldn’t captivate audiences. This is a wonderful idea. It did not come to pass, but we loved it. Just imagine a classic Thor movie in the 1990s and made in a way reminiscent of that era. 

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