Find Out How To Write A Two Week Notice Letter In A Jiffy

two week notice letter

When the time comes for us to quit our present job and look for another one, there are a few things that we must note. Even if we do love our job, there can arise a few reasons that may compel us to resign from the job. However, you may need to give your two weeks’ notice to your boss about your resignation. Writing a two week notice letter is not that difficult if you know what you are doing.

In fact, we should note that writing such a letter only allows you to gracefully exit from your present job. Moreover, if you wish to maintain a good rapport with your employer, then writing a two week notice letter is an absolute must thing to do.

So, if you are reading this article to know how you can write a two week notice letter, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention everything that you wish to know about writing such a letter.

Overview Of Writing A Notice Letter

So, there are a lot of things that you need to know about a notice letter. As per the sources, people generally feel that submitting a resignation letter two weeks before the last date is actually standard practice. Moreover, it’s also essential to make a good final impression on your employer before you exit the company.

You just may want to leave the door open to receive a recommendation from your current employer in the future. Last but not least, it’s always best to submit the two week notice letter after speaking with your boss in person.

One should know that a two week notice letter is a document or a letter that an employee gives to their employer, informing them of their resignation. It’s a traditional practice and is usually handed in two weeks before the final day of work.

So, there’s no federal law about giving any warning before one quits their job. In other words, it’s a simple cultural thing that allows your employer to have proper time to plan for your departure from the company. For instance, they may use that time to find a replacement, reassign your tasks, and more.

Therefore, giving a two week notice letter to your employer is a practice that one must follow. If you want to become even more considerate, you may also give a three or four weeks’ notice. However, two weeks are enough in most cases. The most important thing about this letter is to have a good impression of your employer. It’s a formal and professional way to notify the company that you are going to resign.

How To Write A Two Week Notice Letter?

If writing a two week notice letter is difficult for you, then don’t worry because we will share a few important points with you. Of course, a lot of people may feel writing a formal letter of notice is difficult. However, the structure of the letter is pretty simple, so, drafting one letter won’t take a lot of time. So, if you have made your decision to quit your current job, then let’s take a look at the ways to write a proper letter of resignation.


First of all, you should begin the letter like any other official document that includes a header. In other words, you should write your name, date, address, and subject. In addition, include the name and other info of the person you are addressing to. Moreover, one should also add the company’s details.

First Paragraph

Once you have written down the header, the next thing to do is to write the first paragraph of the letter. So, it’s time to state the resignation as the first line of the two week notice letter. It’s essential to be straightforward in these formal letters. However, one shouldn’t become too much stoic. You should emphasize your role and position in the company. Moreover, at the end of the para, put the date of your last date.

Second Paragraph

After writing the first para where you have mentioned your resignation and other details, it’s time to say thank you. One should thank their employers for hiring them in the first place. Mention a few lines about the experience you have had working at the company. Even if it wasn’t a pleasant job, one should acknowledge the experience they have gathered from the firm.

Third Paragraph- Giving The Reason

You can also write a third para citing the reasons why you had to choose this decision. it’s completely optional so you can skip this part. However, refrain from saying stuff like, ‘I hated this company a lot and that’s why I’m trying to quit’. It’s essential to be professional in these formal letters. So, you could write that you are leaving the firm because you are looking for new opportunities.

Ending Paragraph

Last but not least, once you have addressed the issues and other details, you can move to the next steps of the letter. You may offer to help the company during the transition phase. Lastly, be thankful and close the letter. Thereafter, you can sign off the two week notice letter with ‘sincerely, (your name)’.


When you close one door another one opens. It’s true for jobs as well. So, if you are planning to quit your job, then hopefully this article has helped you to know how you can write a two week notice letter.

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