How to Start a Landscaping Business: The Steps to Take

Landscaping Business

Are you looking to start a profitable business? Not sure of what to do?

You’ve got to start a landscaping business. This is one type of business that’s always in-demand. As such, you can expect to garner clients at any time during the year. 

It’s a simple business where you can pick up the skills on the job. It requires minimal investment and you have flexibility over your time.

But do you know how to start a landscaping business?

First, decide whether this should be a side business or if you want to start a business empire.

Whatever you choose, there are plenty of opportunities available in the landscaping industry. Here’s how to get started.

Decide on Your Services

The simplest step for starting a landscaping business is to first offer basic gardening services. The quickest way is to offer to mow lawns in your neighborhood. 

You can also offer to rake leaves or pick up trash at your local parks. This is a great option if your focus is a side hustle.

But what if you’re ready to scale your side hustle? Then you want to offer more challenging services. 

For example, you can try to cut down tree branches. Or you can try to plant trees for backyards, gardens, parks, and farms.

Write down a business plan of all the services you wish to offer. You want to then consider what services you can offer immediately. You should set goals on when you hope to upgrade to more complex services.

Invest in Tools

Your next step is to invest in the right tools for your landscaping business.

Start with buying 1 or 2 lawnmowers. You can buy a standing lawnmower for residences. A seated lawnmower works well for larger commercial properties.

If you want to specialize in cleaning, you want to always have trash bags on hand. As you scale your business, you might want to visit here to learn about dumpster rentals.

Study the tools you’ll need to provide different services within your business. If you want to focus on cutting tree branches, you’ll need chainsaws and ladders.

If you want to help with gardening, invest in mulch, manure, seeds, etc. Make sure you study gardening so you can advise your clients. Investing in education is also part of your toolbox!


The final step before launching is determining your pricing. You want to have different levels for the services you offer.

You want to also decide how much to charge based on the client.

For example, you can mow a residential property for $10/hour. For commercial properties, charge $15/hour.

Calculate your expenses first and then decide on pricing to see how you can maximize your profits.

That’s How to Start a Landscaping Business

Now you know how to start a landscaping business and why it’s a great industry. Start with putting aside a budget to determine your company’s launch. Your budget will help you decide what services you want to initially offer.

As your business grows, you can scale and offer more services. You’ll also be able to invest in the right tools to offer these services.

The landscaping industry offers many opportunities that anyone can take advantage of. Whether you need a side income or a full-time income, landscaping is the way to go!

Please share this guide with anyone interested in landscaping. There are more great business tips on our website.