How to Stage a Home for Sale: The Ultimate Seller’s Guide

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Staging a home is both an art and a science. It’s something that requires know-how and experience, but also a special knack for just sensing what people will respond to. How to stage a home successfully is not something that everyone will automatically know.

It is something that can require a lot of research, practice, effort, and time. This is why many people are led to hire a professional to do their staging for them. But with the added cost of hiring a professional or giving up your free time to do it yourself, is it really worth it? After all, how much of a difference can staging a home for sale actually make?

Turns out, quite a big one. According to research carried out by the National Association of Realtors, almost 50% of realtors believe staging a home had some kind of positive impact on its final selling price. If you’re looking for the highest possible price for your property, and aren’t in a rush, staging may be the route for you.

How to Stage a Home for Sale

If you’re looking to cut costs in your house selling process, you may not want to take on the extra expense of hiring a professional stager. This leaves you with two options: if your priority is to sell the house quickly, you can save time and money by looking into a local we buy houses company such as this one in Las Vegas.

Your other option? Do it yourself. If you’re opting for DIY, don’t worry. Below are some home staging tips that will be helpful to even the most inexperienced interior designer.

Make It Look Lived in

When looking for houses, one of the most important things for the potential buyer is being able to see themselves living there. A house that is overly manicured and too much like a show house can be cold and hard to imagine living in. Try not to make your house look too perfect. keep some homey touches and signs of life around.

Keep It Clean

While it’s true that you want to make your house feel warm and inviting, there is a fine line between lived-in and messy. You should try to remove all mess and clutter from around your home. Seeing a house in a state of disarray can also make potential buyers reluctant to imagine themselves there.

Keep the Master Gender Neutral

The fact is, you don’t know if your house is going to be bought by a man or a woman. The master bedroom should be decorated in a way that is attractive to both men and women. The wider an audience you appeal to, the more offers you’re likely to receive.

Beautiful, Inside and Out

While you’re restyling the interior of your home, don’t forget to give the outside a little love, too. The exterior of your house is the first impression potential buyers will get, so you had better make it a good one. A fresh coat of paint and a tidied yard can do wonders.

Home Staging Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this will have been helpful for anyone out there learning how to stage a home for the first time. Staging your home is a challenging but rewarding experience. Though some effort is required, it can also produce worthwhile results.

For more on how to sell your home, and other real estate related tricks and tips, Home for Sale see the rest of our Real Estate section.