How To Choose A Villa For Rent In Cyprus

How To Choose A Villa For Rent In Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia, with a total area of ​​9,251 sq.  km. The island belongs to Asia geographically, and during your vacation you can visit Israel, Jordan. You just have to take care of a reliable travel insurance policy that covers all these areas. Without travel cover in place, you’ll likely have to pay your own way out of a crisis which can be expensive. 

In fact, Cyprus is divided between 3 states: 36% of the territory is controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, so far recognized only by Turkey, 3.7% – by the UN, 2.7% – by Great Britain (military bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia), the rest 57.6% –  Republic of Cyprus.  Cyprus has long been an English colony, almost all Cypriots speak English very well, and car traffic on the streets is left-hand.

The capital of the Republic of Cyprus is Nicosia.

Most of the island is mountainous. The coastal line of the island is rugged and rocky in the north and long sandy coasts in the south. This is one of the reasons why many resorts in Cyprus are located in the south, and not in the north. The total length of the coastline is 780 km. When approaching the island by plane, you can see numerous bays and creeks, green valleys framed by mountains. The Kyrenia mountain range stretches along the northern coast. The southwestern half of the island is occupied by the wide Troodos mountain range. These mountains are the highest in the northern part, where the highest point of Cyprus is located – Mount Olympos (1952 m), on which winter sports bases operate from January to March.

Villas for rent in Cyprus

Renting villas in Cyprus is a fairly popular request among leisure lovers in this place.  One of the most popular companies that provide rental villas in Cyprus is Cyprus Villas. This company provides a huge range of different villas and will definitely be able to find something for their clients.

The company provides rental of only proven and very high quality villas, so absolutely every client will be satisfied with their own choice. Due to the special conditions of cooperation, the most acceptable price for the client is provided here.

Here, indeed, you can find absolutely any desired version of the villa, both for a couple and for lovers, or in a certain place, for example, in the mountains, or on the seashore.

Peculiarities of renting a villa in Cyprus

The cost of renting a villa depends on three factors – the period and duration of the lease, the location of the villa, its area and furnishings.

With the period, the situation is simple – the rental price during the holiday season is always higher than at other times.  The peak tourist season in Cyprus starts in middle of May and finishes at the end of August.  At this time, the rental price reaches its maximum.  If you decide to rent a villa in Cyprus on your own, be ready for the fact that upon arrival you will have to pay much more than you have planned, simply because you did not take this moment into account.  You can avoid this kind of trouble if you use the services of the Villas website.  The company’s specialists know about all the nuances and know how to negotiate with property owners.

Lease terms – the longer the lease term, the lower the average monthly cost.  Owners also want guarantees and calm confidence that the property will not stand empty.

Location of the villa – the closer the villa is to the sea, the higher its value.  However, this also has its own peculiarities.  Renting a villa in Cyprus in a popular resort like Paphos will cost you significantly more than a similar villa in Larnaca or Polis.

Apart from the location of the property, the level of housing is also important.  A spacious building with a swimming pool, garden, modern renovation and new appliances will clearly cost more than a modest clean villa, which has only a washing machine, kettle and microwave.  Nevertheless, you can have a great rest both there and there.

Approximate rental prices.

The price for a week’s stay will depend on the month.  For example, a small two-room villa in January will cost about 600 euros, but in the summer the price will rise to 1000 euros.

One-bedroom villa in Paphos on the second line.

If you need a bigger house, then its price will be more expensive.  For a week in high season, you will have to pay about 3500 euros, or even more.

City Euro week Day Euro
Larnaca 4000 580
Protaras 3350 480
Pathos 10500 1500
Ayia-Napa 3150 450
Famagusta 3400 490

What is included in the rental price of a villa?

Accommodation and use of the pool (if available)

Villa cleaning once a week

Unlimited use of water and electricity

Pool cleaning and garden maintenance once a week.

5 luxury villas for rent

 Villa Margarita is located on the edge of a gorge in the Peyia Hills.  Here you will feel “away from the crazy crowd” and experience all the 21st century amenities offered by 5-star hotels.  It has a private pool, gazebo, many indoor and outdoor living and dining areas, 6 spacious bedrooms, games and entertainment for adults and children.

Villa Danata is a spacious 2 bedroom villa for rent in Protaras in the southeast of Cyprus.  This fantastic family villa is set in a large area offering a variety of indoor and outdoor living spaces.  It features a private pool, terrace, gazebo, charcoal barbecue and a well-equipped kitchen.  Modern furniture throughout.  The bedrooms are large and spacious.  Distance to the beach 100 meters.

Villa Beach Vibes is a luxurious 4 bedroom estate located very close to the eastern peak of the island.  The villa features spacious bedrooms, a private infinity pool, games, lovely gardens, a well-equipped kitchen, outdoor dining areas and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.  Distance to the beach 350 meters.

Villa Lante looks like a palace in its grandeur and scope.  This 4 bedroom villa for rent in Cyprus pays close attention to detail and completeness … the result … you get a villa that is perfect for the discerning traveller who wants the very best.  It features a 10 x 5 meter private pool, huge outdoor spaces and some of the finest indoor furnishings.  Distance to the beach 4 km.

Villa Star is a stately Cyprus villa for rent on the southwest coast of Cyprus.  Near the town of Paphos, it has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 7 people, including children.  It features a private pool, indoor / outdoor living and dining areas, a well-equipped kitchen and a 2000 square meter garden with aromatic herbs, olive trees and citrus orchards.