The Advantages of Using a Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler

Listening to the heartbeat of your baby for the very first time is a precious moment during pregnancy.  It is also very hard to share this significant moment with your loved ones at the doctor’s office. That is why fetal dopplers are already available on the market today for you to use at the comforts of your own home. 

This baby heartbeat monitor, or what is commonly called the fetal doppler is a portable piece of equipment that applies ultrasound-like technology to detect a baby’s fetal heartbeat while still inside the mother’s womb. You might have seen this type of tool already if you happen to visit your doctor at his office.     

With recent developments in modern medicine, you can already hear a baby’s heartbeat at home with the rest of the family in your very own time and schedule. However, trained professionals and medical doctors frequently use this type of device. This tool is not meant to make a diagnosis for any medical condition, especially when used without a medical professional’s presence. 

This modern technology is very easy to use. You only need to apply an ample amount of ultrasound gel on the lower part of the stomach, next is to start the device, and then move the probe smoothly just above the pubic bone. You can now start listening to your baby’s heartbeat using a plugin headphone or an external sound amplifier. There is also an LCD screen that displays the baby’s heart rate, and you can even monitor the fetal heartbeat.

There are many advantages while using fetal dopplers during pregnancy at home, not only for the mothers but also for their husbands, parents, siblings, relatives, and other family members. 

AngelSounds Mini Doppler

You Can Hear Your Baby at Home

It is an extraordinarily delightful moment when you see your baby and hear its heartbeat for the first time. You would probably realize the moment that your pregnancy is for real and no longer a joke. Before that, you just knew that someone is growing inside of you, but now you understand that it is coming into life. Imagine that you could capture that precious moment and relive it all over again for life. 

You Have Peace of Mind

Being able to hear and monitor the baby’s heartbeat in a mother’s womb is a great way to reduce anxiety during pregnancy. It is also comforting, especially when a mother already had previous difficulties and bad experiences being pregnant. If you also have a risky pregnancy or experienced miscarriage, a fetal doppler can bring a mother to peace of mind even though it is not used to diagnose any health issues or medical conditions unless monitored by a doctor or a medical professional.

You Involve the Family

Everyone knows that family is forever, so it is very important to share one special moment with every single one in your family. The family will also get to experience what a mother is experiencing while listening to the baby’s heartbeat. It also promotes family bonding while monitoring the baby in the mother’s womb until the baby starts to kick. The husband might also realize that they are having a real baby coming out very soon. 

If you start to feel anxious during pregnancy, checking and monitoring your baby with fetal dopplers will help you relax while there is still no doctor’s appointment. It is also recommended to record irregularities and consult your doctor immediately for professional advice.