What Happens If We Skip Breakfast: Effects of Skipping Breakfast

What Happens If We Skip Breakfast: Effects of Skipping Breakfast

Having the meal multiple times a day doesn’t mean you are taking the right diet keeping your body healthy. There are many people who avoid eating at nights to control their weight, while many of them skip breakfast that means ‘breaking the fast’ from the time you’ve spent asleep throughout the night which is not good for your health.

Skipping meals at night could be helpful in controlling your weight but do you know what happens if we skip breakfast? It could badly affect your health, as after night meal there is a huge gap in the next nutrition. And next day your body needs food to restart your day with energy that can come only with food. So right here we have discussed what happens when you skip breakfast and the side effects of not eating breakfast.

Top Five Disadvantages of Not Eating Breakfast Regularly

disadvantages of skipping breakfast

Your Body’s Metabolism Slowdowns

When you skip breakfast or meals in the morning your body starts conserving fuel resulting stops working fast. To compensate for restricted calorie your body slows it’s basal metabolic and as per the doctors, in the morning your metabolism is already at the lowest level due to sleep over the night, so you need food to balance the same.

skipping breakfast slow metabolism

Just like polar bears hibernation, when you skip meals or fast for a too long time, your body goes into protection mode and starts storing as many as calories it can. And when your body’s metabolism slowdowns it can use glucose stored into your muscles as backup fuel source means affecting you or you can say wasting your muscles.

Blood Sugar Level Starts Dropping

There is a strong correlation between food intake and blood sugar fluctuation. Hence, if you skip breakfast it will affect your blood sugar levels that starts gradually falling due to hunger resulting bring down your energy levels throughout the day.

skipping breakfast low blood sugar

Actually, eating in the morning restores the glycogen and stabilize the levels of insulin in your body. And skipping the breakfast means you are ignoring and not replenishing your glucose levels in the morning that will make you feel fatigued and unfit for the entire day.

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Empty Stomach Increases Acid Levels

One of the most common disadvantages of skipping breakfast is that acid level in the body starts increasing making you feel acidity or heartburn. Actually, our body is mechanized to release acid in the stomach that helps to digest the food we eat and it also occurs when our body feels hungry and needs food to get processed.

skipping breakfast cause acidity

And skipping breakfast means this acid does not get any kind of food substance to process it starts surging up to the wall of the stomach areas including food pipe and heart that leads to an acidity that can become heart burning problem in the long term.

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Cortisol and Stress Hormones Increases

Cortisol is a kind of stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands that also get affected if you skip your breakfast. Actually, Cortisol has many functions including helping the body use sugar in the form of glucose and fat for energy and managing the stress.

skipping breakfast and stress

And as per the research, women who skip breakfast had higher cortisol levels which is at the highest level in the morning, so it is important to eat something or take breakfast to bring down the cortisol levels that trigger the anxiety and can make your nights sleepless.

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Higher Chances of Stones in Gallbladder

This could be one of the worst disadvantages of skipping breakfastAs per the research and studies, people who skip breakfast regularly for many years having higher chances of gallbladder stones especially overweight people over 40 years old.

skip breakfast gallstones

Concretely, when you stop eating breakfast, you gallbladder stops shrinking or expanding that causes the bile to build up in the gallbladder, leading to high cholesterol and calcium levels in the body. Few years back surgeons in China removed more than 200 stones from a woman’s body because she had regularly skipped breakfast for more than a decade.

Hence, always eat something in the morning to keep yourself energetic and healthy. If you don’t feel hungry in the morning, take a low-calorie diet in the night and do some workouts in the morning that will make you exhausted and hungry. Otherwise, such bad habits have long-term effects that can cause major health problems at a later stage of life.