Choosing a Right Traditional Hand Knotted Wool Rugs

Hand Knotted Wool Rugs

Area rugs are very powerful components of interior designing. They take care of the most neglected portion of the house which is the floor. They are also popular for their functionality and can instantly change the ambience and the energy of the room. However not every style of rug goes in every room. Here is an easy guideline that one can follow before buying area rugs from the rug store in Mirzapur.

  1. The styles of rugs

Nowadays, in the market, a plethora of rug styles are available for the customers to choose from. The homeowner no longer limits the rooms to Persian styled or European classic styled rugs. Today there are many modern, contemporary alternatives available which one can choose according to their preference.

  • Wool rugs- Hand Knotted Wool Rugs are very soft and are often handwoven. The upkeep is also maintained in a very minimal fashion. The wool material is naturally stain resistant, as a result, the dirt and spills do not adhere to them. This is what makes woollen rugs a practical choice for most rooms, especially ones which have high traffic.
  • Natural fiber rugs- Natural Fiber Area Rugs a very organic look as well as natural texture. These are made either with flat weaves to any other setting. Its interesting patterns can add a casual look to the rooms.
  • Cotton rugs- These rugs can instantly add a freshness to the rooms. One can find them made with an abundance of styles, vibrant colours and patterns. These are also very cost effective.
  • Synthetic rugs- They are a valuable alternative to those made from natural fibres. They are durable, colourfast, and naturally resist stains. Also priced at lower costs, they provide for a sophisticated and classy interior decor.
  1. The color

Selecting an appropriate colour of the rug is very important to balance out the rest of the home decor. The colour of the rug is responsible for setting the tone of the room. The first task is to consider how the colour variants will work for the existing rooms. Those rooms which already have a lot of colours and patterns look the best when a neutral shaded rug is used. One should try to match the colour of the rug with flooring, wall colour and even the ceiling. In a room, the rug will either stand out or they will blend, one, therefore, has to take the wisest decision.

  1. Rug patterns

While not everyone is enthusiastic about the pattern. However, buying a patterned custom area rugs can really bring life to the rooms. Suppose one has got patterned furniture in their room, using a lighter, pastel shade of rug will add a more calming effect. One should always take this into account before choosing a good quality rug for the house. One should try to think which pattern is most suitable for their house and consider balancing it with the rest of the home furnishing elements.

  1. Size

Buying a rug which is too small for the room is one of the most commonly repeated mistakes by homemakers. If the room is average sized, one should buy a rug that has within 10 to 20 inches of floor space (bare) between the wall and the corners of the rug. Depending on what size of the room one is wishing to decorate, one can go as low as 8 inches to as high as 24 inches. Rugs are basically used to define spaces. One should choose the size of the rug based on the area that they wish to highlight. However, one should also keep in mind that it is better to buy big rugs than small ones.

  1. High pile vs low pile

The rugs which are low pile are usually sturdier and easy to clean and vacuum from time to time. They are least expensive than the high pile rugs. Rugs which have a lower pile appear very luxurious since they are softer and therefore makes the room more attractive and welcoming to the others. Rooms which have a lot of foot traffic can withstand this much pressure after the use of low pile rugs. However thick rugs last the longest in rooms which do not have much disturbance.

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