Who is Han Seo Hee? Know What her controversies are?

Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee is a South Korean Trainee, singer, and reality T.V. star. She is also an Instagram Influencer and a Social Media model who lives in Seoul. Her name ascribes in the news as the ex-girlfriend of Big Bang’s T.O.P. Han Seo Hee is well-known because she is popular on social networking platforms, including Instagram. Her Instagram account is @hxxsxxhee; she frequently uploads photos of herself and usually controversial things.

What are the Controversies’ of Han Seo Hee

She is a self-proclaimed feminist of the age of 24. Being so famous, she is making headlines every time in South Korea and on international news media. Her controversy is due to her involvement in a variety of conflicts with a variety of popular stars.


The name Han Seo Hee’s debut came to light when she was linked to BIGBANG rapper T.O.P.’s, marijuana-related case. She was recognized as the “Tazza” actor’s girlfriend when she became a trainee for Y.G. Entertainment. According to reports, the two used marijuana in a joint. She was sentenced to four years of punishment and was required to attend 120 hours of treatment sessions.

B.T.S.’ V

Han Seo Hee revealed on her Instagram live streams that she was spotted by B.T.S. members V at the local nightclub when she was 19. The announcement sparked a lot of controversies because V and Han Seo Hee are of a similar age group and were born in 1995. They are considered minors and therefore aren’t allowed in such an establishment.

The model also said that Kim Ki Bum was liable for her role in bringing V to the venue. In this concern, Seo Hee explained that she had met V because (Kim) Ki Bum brought V into the club. At first, she didn’t know that Daegu’s idol was at all. She said she did not ask him to join me. However, the table was booked, and V showed up. She met him in the club, and that’s all.

Gugudan’s Kim Na Young and Hana

Han Seo Hee and members of the K-pop girls group gugudan, Kim Na Young, and Hana were slammed for a rumored hangout session in May 2019. In addition, Han Seo Hee is also an ex-student at Jellyfish Entertainment, which was the home label for gugudan and VIXX. She was scheduled to debut alongside some other girls from the girl group. However, she was subsequently removed from Jellyfish just before gugudan made its debut in 2016.

iKON’s B.I.

B.I. left his group Ikon in 2000 due to allegations of using drugs. In a KakaoTalk conversation, it became obvious that he took the drugs from someone he was familiar with. And someone he believed he could trust. Since his statement stated that he would like the hallucinogenic drug, thus in this connection, Han Seo was questioned. She was also sentenced to prison time.

Who the scandal with Jung Daeun

It was the most controversial incident with Han Seo hee in the year prior. This was because Monsta X’s Wonho did not yet pay an outstanding loan due to Jung Daeun. It could be a mistake and could have been easily resolved. Han Seo Hee has an engagement with Jung Daeun. He even put out the flames of this scandal, claiming that he drove while a minor, used drugs, attempted to steal, etc. After he quit Monsta X, she continued to smear his name, calling him to be a “murderer in training” and, in her Instagram live, “talentless and an attention seeker.”

Han Seo Hee is a gorgeous South Korean famous figure who keeps her in the spotlight, and these controversies are the main reason for her popularity.