Is PG-Free E-Liquid Better? The Answer is No!


There are some producers of E-Liquids who claim PG-Free E-Liquid is better to vape than E-Liquid with PG in its mix. It turns out that claim is not true and never has been.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Vaping products producers have argued over the significance of using PG (Propylene Glycol) in their formulas as opposed to being 100% VG mixtures. The debate may be valuable for marketing efforts to Vegans or others who wish to maintain a more natural and organic lifestyle, but the truth is there are no negatives associated with using PG in vaping products. In fact. PG has been around a long time and it has been an ingredient in many food products for many years with no ill effects. Foods like ice cream, artificial flavourings, artificial sweeteners, frozen meals, soft drinks, cake mixes, cake frostings, salad dressings, and even foods with natural flavours all contain PG, they just don’t list it on the ingredients list because the government doesn’t make them list it.

Where Exactly Does PG Come From?

Propylene Glycol comes from Petroleum. Yep, that’s right, Petroleum. More specifically, it is a byproduct of Petroleum processing that is derived from the chemical compounds found in Petroleum but without any of the potentially harmful molecules or compounds contained in Petroleum. Petroleum goes through three distillation processes that eliminate unwanted stuff. PG is considered an “organic” compound and it has been in food products, cosmetic products, and a whole bunch of other products we consume and use every day for many, many years.

The US Government Has Studied PG For Many Years With No Negative Reports

Customers who aren’t willing to take Smax’s word for it can go to the US Government PubMed website, located on the internet at and they can find out for themselves that dozens of research studies have been conducted on the subject. So let’s get past any fears or concerns about PG-Free E-Liquid being better than E-Liquid with 100% VG.

PG Makes Better E-Liquid

PG mixed into E-Liquid improves the viscosity of the liquid and it adds a slightly sweet taste. It also is less harmful on the tongue and throat. PG has been found to produce a thicker, more satisfying cloud and because of its slightly sweet taste, it enhances the flavours that are added to E-Liquid making the vaping experience much more satisfying. There are even a few PG-Free E-Liquid manufacturers who are now putting PG into their mixtures because of its positive effects for vape users. Funny how that happens, don’t ya think?

Smax Uses a Little PG in All Their Flavors

Smax’s flavour engineers figured out a long time ago that a PG in the mix is a good thing. They have incorporated PG into their flavours in the following amounts:

  •  Mafia Princess – Espresso, Chocolate, & Ladyfingers – 90% VG/10% PG
  •  Sammie Puffs – Chocolate, Graham Cracker, & Marshmallow – 90% VG/10% PG
  •  Good Vibes – Pineapple, Passionfruit, & Orange- 90% VG/10% PG
  •  Lick It – Peaches & Cream – 90% VG/10% PG
  •  Pony on Acid – Strawberries, Raspberries, & Pineapple – 90% VG/10% PG
  •  She’s a Dime – Lemon & Lime – 90% VG/10% PG
  •  Danish Dreams – Danish Pastry & Butterscotch – 80% VG/20% PG
  •  Feelin’ Frappie – Espresso, Strawberries, & French Vanilla – 80% VG/20% PG
  •  Mo Mocha – Mocha Latte, Caramel, & Toffee – 80% VG/20% PG

Find Out From the Experts at Smax

If a customer has a question or concern about PG and VG in their E-Juice they can always contact Smax and get straight answers. Customers are encouraged to send their questions in using the inquiry form on the website’s contact page found at or if they wish to speak directly with customer support professional they can always call 408-896-8972. Even if they don’t have questions about PG and Vg, customers are encouraged to call and let us know how we’re doing.