How To Clean AirPods Easily At Home?

How To Clean AirPods

People are buying AirPods to ease the process of speaking to friends without having mobile phones in hand. You spend some huge money to buy such AirPods. Consider if you are buying Apple AirPods then, you should take care of them properly. Because such AirPods are not reasonable as you are spending a lot of money for them.

Your AirPods should look clean and ensure that you are buying clean AirPods. Some scientists even found out that there is a bacteria present around the corners of the AirPods due to dirt. So, let us discuss some best ways How To Clean AirPods easily at home.

How To Clean AirPods?

The first thing is to clean the AirPods and then, will move to its case for cleaning. According to Apple, one should use a soft, dry, and starch-free cloth to clean your AirPods. 

Then, to clean deeper inside the microphone and speaker meshes, one should use a dry cotton stick. The dirtiest area where earwax accumulates a lot is the microphone and speaker mesh area. To remove such dirt from the meshes, you can also a dry and clean soft-bristled toothbrush. But never use any sharp or wet things to clean the AirPods.

  • For cleaning the AirPods, one should consider using the microfiber cloth. It is a cloth that you use to clean the spectacles’ lenses clean and dirt-free. So, using such a microfiber cloth will help you to clean the dirt easily without damaging the AirPods.
  • Then, the next method is using dental floss to clean the earwax and debris present inside the mesh speakers. But ensure that you are safe in using a sharp object to clean the debris inside the meshes.
  • Many tech experts are suggesting people use several objects to clean the AirPods. Even, it cleans deeply into the microphone and mesh speakers. Some of them include the single-sided tweezers, lock-picking tool, SIM removal tool, and a mini-flathead screwdriver.

How To Clean AirPods’ Case?

Moving to the AirPods case, here discuss the procedure on How To Clean AirPods case easily. Though the charging case of the AirPods will not come into contact with the outside environment, it still contains some dirt and earwax. There will be some iron particles that accumulate onto the meshes and this is due to the built-in magnet. 

As already said, Apple suggests you use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the charging case. Then to disinfect the case, you need to use 70% Isopropyl alcohol. One can find it in your nearest drug stores as well as in online stores.

  • Now, the first thing is to use the brush having soft bristles to remove the debris from the AirPods’ lightning connector. To avoid getting damage to the charging case, you need to handle it softly and never push against the charging ports.
  • Then, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt and dust particles. But you can’t clean dark brown earwax spots out of the AirPods. To clean them, you may use a soft cotton stick which is not recommendable.
  • You can try using a toothbrush and Q-tip to clean the earwax and persistent marks. Using a toothbrush to clean the edges and corners of the AirPods, will serve as the best option. Before using the toothbrush you can even dip it in a sanitizer to disinfect the AirPods case.


How To Clean AirPods and AirPods case, the above article will help the most. Ensure that you follow the safest steps to clean both AirPods and AirPods charging cases.

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