What Was Miss London Tweet About Rapper Lil Baby?

What Was Miss London Tweet About Rapper Lil Baby

Though Lil baby is busy releasing his biggest singles with The Bigger Picture, he got accusations from Ms London for cheating. She accused him that he paid $16K to sleep with him.

Who Is Miss London?

Miss London is a popular adult star and her current location is in Los Angeles. She is making money through her adult videos. At first, she will make all such adult videos and then, post them on adult websites like OnlyFans.com. 

What Was Miss London Tweet About Rapper Lil Baby?

She is a law student but doesn’t know how she entered the adult film industry. On her Instagram account, she mentioned her degree to be in law. But there is no proof that she is a law student. Some sources confirmed that she came from Norfolk, Virginia. 

What About Ms London Statements On Lil Baby?

Ms London kept many statements about Lil Baby. One such statement is that Lil Baby paid 16K US dollars to her for sleeping with him. She explained all such statements clearly on her Instagram gossip page named ‘The Shade Room.’

But now the problem is that the adult star deleted all such comments from her social media page. On some sites, she is directly using the rapper’s name to address her complaint. However, she used the rapper’s girlfriend’s name in such accusations. She is none other than Jayda Cheaves.

Jayda Cheaves

Since 2016, the rapper dating an Instagram model, Jayda Cheaves. She is also an entrepreneur. One can see her picture posted on the rapper’s Instagram page. As of now, Lil Baby even has a baby with this model, Jayda. The baby’s birth was in the year 2019.

Lil Baby denied all the accusations by Ms London. The rapper even replied harshly to the tweets of the adult star. Finally, the adult star needs to apologize for her tweets and ended this problem. She even added a story that she was drunk while writing such tweets on social media sites.

Again, she confirmed a fact that Lil Baby was in a relationship with Jayda while he called Ms London to sleep with him. Lil Baby used to get many rumors and accusations from many girls. Thus, Jayda is fed up with meeting such problems again and again.

Lil Baby – Career:

Lil Baby is a popular rapper in America. He came to the spotlight after releasing his debut mixtape, ‘Perfect Timing.’  Some of his childhood friends are also the present popular rappers.

Lil Baby

His teenage days are not much good, as he did many petty crimes. Before choosing music as his career, he went to jail many times. Even his childhood days who are popular rappers now are also part of the petty crimes.

Lil Baby always uses unique and stunning lyrics for his songs. The reason behind the success is his catchy lyrics. Some of his popular singles include

  • My Dawg
  • Pink Slip
  • My Drip
  • Ride or Die

In 2021, one of his singles is on the nomination list for two Grammy Awards. Such a hit single is ‘The Bigger Picture.’

The rapper is very young and just 25 years old. But at this young age, he caught up with many controversies. One such example is Ms London’s accusations about him. Before marrying Jayda, he dated Ayesha Howard. He even had a son with her named Jason Armani.


Thus, read the above article to get a clear view of Ms London’s statements about the rapper, Lil Baby.

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