Get To Know How Long Does Hydrocele Surgery Take And More About It

Hydrocele Surgery

Like other surgical procedure names, the name hydrocele surgery may not be known to many. So, many consider it to be a risky and unsafe procedure. But, the truth is, it is a simple procedure that gets over within an hour. That’s right, there is no need to fear this. Furthermore, with good aftercare, you won’t see any complications. From how long does hydrocele surgery take to the recovery guide, below is everything you need to know about it.

How long does hydrocele surgery take?

While many believe that this is a complicated procedure, it is not. That’s right, the total procedure happens within 30 minutes. However, it can sometimes go up to an hour depending on the patient’s health status. After that, the patient can go home. Here, the doctors perform surgery for hydrocele correction. In short, they do it so to stop fluid build-up which causes pain and other complications.

After the surgical procedure

Yes, you might experience some pain in the groin region and exhaustion for a few days after surgery. Also, the scrotum will remain swollen for some time as well. Well, the complete recovery time will be 2-4 weeks, whether it’s laser or open surgery. And, you need to take good care of yourself during this time faster healing. Make sure to follow the below points for trouble-free recovery.

  • When the pain starts to fade, try to walk a little. In turn, this promotes blood flow.
  • Also, don’t try to take a bath unless the doctor allows it.
  • Furthermore, go for your regular work after 4-7 days of the surgery.
  • Finally, avoid activities like jogging or exercise until your doctor says it’s okay to do so.

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As you know, diet plays a major role in the recovery of the body. For that reason, you need to pay attention to this if you want a speedy recovery. For starters, make sure that you eat a balanced diet. Remember, bowel movements may be irregular after surgery which is a common thing. So, go for foods that have high fibre content. Yes, this will help with digestion and prevent constipation.

Or, if you frequently get an upset stomach, go for bland foods. In fact, plain rice, yoghurt, and toast are good choices. Also, to make sure that your body remains hydrated, drink plenty of fluids. Furthermore, don’t skip your medications.

Steps to take care of the incision wound

Of course, you need to take extra steps to take care of the surgical wound. So, follow the below points for a better and speedy recovery.

  1. For starters, don’t try to remove the tape strips on the wound. Yes, wait for it to fall off.
  2. Next, when cleaning the wound area, use warm soapy water.
  3. Make sure that the area doesn’t rub against your clothes. Otherwise, use a gauze bandage to prevent this from happening.
  4. Also, try to change the bandage daily.
  5. Furthermore, don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant because it can slow down the recovery time.

As you can see, from how long does hydrocele surgery take to the recovery guide, the total journey is a simple one. Of course, you need to give extra care throughout the process. In short, you really don’t have anything to be scared about it.

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