Die Hard Cheetos Fans Can Now Wear The Hot Cheetos-inspired Leisure Wear From Forever 21

Hot Cheetos

Now the super obsessed fans of Hot Cheetos can try the Hot Cheetos leisure wear and accessories designed by Forever 21. It is specially made for the crazy fans of the snack. The snack is famous for its flaming hot and spicy taste. That is why Forever 21, the renowned brand, has partnered with Cheetos to release a line of leisure wear. The clothing line launched on Thursday, June 6, but it is a limited summer collection of Forever 21 x Cheetos. Statement pieces like body suits look extremely playful and comfortable to wear. It attracted lots of celebrities too as many bought it. 

You can find socks, T-shirts, crops, tops, hats, clutches, temporary tattoos and more. There is a lot of great beachwear for women and men. Every outfit and accessory will have amazing Cheetos logos and imagery. So what are you waiting for? Look at the Hot Cheetos and the exciting leisure wear line details here. 

What’s the history of Hot Cheetos? 

Many people are crazy about the sizzling hot flavor of the Hot Cheetos. It’s produced by the company known as Frito-Lay. Plus, it is one of the subsidiaries of the company PepsiCo. Since 1948, this crunchy and cheesy snack made of corn and other spices have been the favorite snack of many people. 

Who actually invented the Hot Cheetos is a controversial story. But according to the popular claim, it was invented by the janitor turned marketing director of Frito Lay, Richard Montañez. Hollywood is making a movie about the rags-to-riches story of the Cheetos inventor. So we will be able to have a peek into their history and development. Eva Longoria is going to direct the film. 

What really makes the Hot Cheetos hot? 

The Hot Cheetos are marketed as Flamin hot snacks. But the ingredient that makes it hot is a secret recipe. But according to the Scoville scale, the Hot Cheetos is 50,000 Scoville units. This scale measures how hot a product is based on the contents like hot sauce or pepper. The higher the rate, the spicier a product is. 

The amazing collaboration of Hot Cheetos and Forever 21 

Over the years, Cheetos has collaborated with different brands, actors, singers and rappers. They released many limited clothing lines and accessories that many of their fans purchased. Here are some of the Hot Cheetos and Forever 21 collections you can buy. 

  • Cheetos Flamin Hot graphic tee 

 If you go to Forever 21 store, don’t miss out on the Graphic Tee inspired by Hot Cheetos. You can get it for $17.90. It is a tie-and-dye tee that is a trend now. It looks fun and bright, so that you can wear it casually anywhere. 

  • Cheetos Flamin Hot Bodysuit

This hot body suit will make you look hot. It’s price is $24.90. You can wear it to the beach and enjoy it as it is super comfy. 

  • Cheetos Graphic Cropped Tee

Crop tops have become the saving grace of many women. Get the Hot Cheetos cropped tee that will make you look fabulously cool. It sells for $17.90

  • Cheetos Flamin Hot Graphic Panty

If you are a crazy fan of Cheetos, you cannot resist buying Cheetos-inspired panties. It’s price is $12.90. 

  • Cheetos Graphic Cropped Cami

This comfortable and high-quality camisole will make you feel cool during warm weather. Get it for $14.90.

  • Cheetos Flamin Hot Graphic Slides

If you are looking for attractive slides, buy the Hot Flamin slides from Forever 21. It’s price is $12.90

End thoughts 

For diehard fans of Hot Cheetos like Katy Perry, who wore a giant Flamin Hot Cheetos for Halloween, get the Cheetos-inspired outfits and accessories you want from Forever 21. 

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