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Orbus Banner Stands

Preparing for your company’s next trade show or event? The months leading up to the event can seem like a whirlwind as you get all of your marketing materials, literature, and display organized and ready for the big day. Whether it’s your first experience or you’ve been to several different trade show events before, shopping with TradeShowPlus can ease the burden of stressful preparation leading up to the event. At TradeShowPlus, we have hundreds of products with customization options and several different services that will make your event stress-free. Whether you’re searching for traditional display solutions like Orbus Banner Stands or modern digital solutions like Orbital Truss Kiosk, we have everything that will meet your needs.

Banner stands have always been an essential component of trade show booths. While banner stands are a simple solution to get attention and recognition, it’s true that many other companies will have banner stands as well. So how do you use your banner stand to set your company apart from the rest of the competition? At TradeShowPlus, we have several different options for stylistic, attention-grabbing banner stands.

It’s important to first select a budget and style before selecting your banner stand. No matter what type of stand you’re looking for, we have several different Orbus Banner Stands readily available at TradeShowPlus that represent several different price points. Once your budget is determined, it’s time to decide what type of banner stand style will be the best option for your display booth. We have several different banner stand styles, including retractable, telescoping, tension banner fabric, outdoor, and double-sided banner stands.

Retractable stands are the perfect option if you’re looking for something portable and quick. After a long day at your show, these stands can easily be disassembled by deploying a spring-loaded roller mechanism which will collapse the banner down into a carry bag.

Telescoping stands are also conveniently portable and can adapt to fit any situation. With extendable and retractable poles, these stands can be adjusted to fit the exact height and measurement of your booth without overpowering it.

Tension banner fabric stands are a durable, cost-effective option that comes with lightweight portability and soft carrying case for easy transportation. Our tension banner fabric stands also come in several different sizes and measurements, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. It is important to note that tension banner fabric stands to need accurate graphics as we custom print these graphics onto your stand.

Outdoor banner stands may sound obvious, but these stands are extremely durable and sturdy for outdoor conditions. Constructed of a wind-resistant and sturdy, weighted base, these stands can withhold different weather changing conditions while also attracting the attention of your audience.

Double-sided banner stands are a great option if you’re looking for maximum exposure. No longer will your audience struggle to see your banners from only one angle; with double-sided banner stands, your audience will be able to see your banner stands no matter where they are.

Modern Solutions

While Banner Stands are a common way to go for trade shows, we also have several different modern solutions that will add that extra touch to complete your display and set you apart from the other companies at your event. For example, our iPad stands and kiosks are a perfect way to incorporate a digital touch to your booth, allowing your audience to fully engage and interact with your company’s booth. We also have exhibit lighting and accessories that will make your booth feel like a quality organized production rather than a simple trade show booth.

Take a look at all of our products, including Orbus Banner Stands and more solutions on our website at and contact us today at 800-419-3561 for your customized trade show solutions.