My Mother Wears Diapers!! Elephant In The Room!

My Mom Wears Diapers

I got caught again for the second time with a sanitary pad in my hand. Before it was my elder son, who saw me having a napkin in my hand and now, it is my three years old son.

The same incident happened five years ago in my life during my periods. When I took a new pad to change it from the drawer, my son saw it. But I asked him to carry on his drawing work so that I can go to the washroom. It didn’t happen, as my son came and stood in front of me seeing the pad in my hand. He almost stared at me and considered the pad as a diaper. He just asked that, “Do you wear diapers mom? Since you are older you shouldn’t do wear it as even I’m not wearing it.”

I feel very bad and I couldn’t answer him. After thinking for a moment, I convinced him that I will not wear it hereafter and this is my last diaper. Then, he also promised me to maintain it as a secret.

After five years, my little son caught me with the same thing. I assume that my older boy would have forgotten the earlier moment. But, I’m also trying to answer them carefully. Though I tried to stay careful of not exposing pads to the eyes of my sons, I still got caught with them.

My younger son ran away soon after seeing the pad in my hand. He went to his brother’s room and said ‘Bro, u know that our mom wears diapers.’  Almost, he was shouting at him that I could hear in the washroom itself. 

I could understand that there is discomfort in my older son’s voice, as he tried to calm down his brother. Thus, I decided that to reveal the reason behind using a napkin to my son. 

I went to the room and asked my sons what is the problem? As expected, my older son was waiting to ask me the reason. He asked, “Mom why you are using it?” 

Every word that we talk about with him should make some sense to my son. My older son has seen my second pregnancy and other things. Thus, I hope that he will understand me well.

Here is my explanation to my older son. 

I said, “You already seen me carrying your younger brother. To carry a baby, all women are having a bag inside us. In such a bag, there are nutrients present to feed the baby present in it. The bag automatically generates such nutrients for the baby. Now, different females want babies at different times in their lives. So, when women are not carrying babies, what happens to such nutrients? Would such nutrients stay there inside?

No, it will stay inside that bag in the absence of pregnancy. But, it will come out in the form of blood every month. During that time, women need rest and care, as they lose blood and suffer from cramps too. And this is why I am using a napkin to avoid getting stains on my dresses. Additionally, your mom will not do puja during such times because of body pain. We need some rest and privacy, as we are weak during such period.”

My son was convinced well with my reasons and hugged me too. He said that “Mom you can tell me such days so that I will help you to take the rest that you deserve. It is not at all easy to be a female. I love you, mom.”


Thus, this generation has a quick grasping capacity as well as understanding. I felt loved to share this note with you all. Those who ask why my mom wears diapers will understand good with this answer.

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