The Benefits of Showing Off with Simply Southern Badge Reels

Southern Badge Reels

School fashion is always changing. To the dismay of some and the joy of others, room for creative expression is opening up. A certain measure of decorum and formality will always be required, necessitating the quality of clothes and accessories, but many schools are opening their doors to personal expression. The benefits of this are manifold; the following are a few simple things that creative expression permits:

Kids these days value personal expression more than almost anything else. It makes sense; in an age of unprecedented interconnectivity and freedom, students want to show off what makes them unique and special. Being unique can help teachers, too. Teachers who connect with their students individually are better able to understand their needs, and having a unique identity can help make each student stand out. A Simply Southernbadge reel for a student ID can be a perfect first step.

Allowing for expression also improves morale. This has been demonstrated by studies and teacher’s break room anecdotes all over the country, and it holds especially true around high-stress times of year (like exam time). One of the most difficult parts of schooling is the feeling that you’ve fallen out of visibility to your peers and teachers. Even something as simple as a Simply Southern badge reel to turn a student’s basic daily requirements into something stylish can go a long way toward making them feel more secure in their identity, allowing them to better deal with interpersonal stresses.

One of the hardest things for kids these days is to get through school without feeling like they’ve lost themselves. Giving healthy avenues for personal expression means guiding students to feeling in control without feeling like they have to go all-out or lose their roots. Simply Southern badge reels, for example, don’t require a complete overhaul of personal style while still giving a student the feeling that they are in control of their image, which is healthier than other possibilities.

Finally, it opens up avenues for connections between schoolmates. While school uniforms and dress codes can often encourage unity, they can also, unfortunately, sometimes suppress the feeling that a student is unique among peers. However, most dress code policies don’t have the capacity or agility to denote individual decorations, making it more advisable to have a clause allowing for a moderate amount of personal adornment. Using small features like a badge reel can help promote unity and individuality at the same time, helping students to understand that they are a united school of intelligent, creative individuals who each have their own ideas to help bring to the table.

All in all, there are a great number of benefits to equipping your students (whether you’re a teacher, a principal, or a parent) to express themselves. A little bit of creative freedom can go a long way and provide a number of benefits that are easily overlooked, and the team at Girls ‘Round Here can help you help the students in your life become happier, more expressive, and more connected. Visit to find more way of expression that you or your friends can indulge in.

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