Stand With Sophie: A Stand Against Sexual Abuse, But Where Is Sophie?

Stand With Sophie
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With people joining the campaign Stand With Sophie, an issue has been added to the mix. The victim, 10 years old, who is in the middle of the campaign has gone missing. Moreover, the police infer that the criminal has abducted the child after sex abuse claims. 

The 10 years old girl at the middle of the stand with Sophie campaign has gone missing after she accused her mother’s fiance of sexual abuse. It was on July 12th when people spotted Sophie. However, many, including the Texas officials believe that she is with her father Michael. 

I Stand With Sophie
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What Does The Official Say?

The official has found that the last time people spotted Sophie, the girl in the middle of the stand with Sophie Update campaign, was on July 12. The Texas Department of Public Safety believes that she is currently with her father. Hence, they have ruled him out to be her abductor. 

Moreover, in a statement, they have claimed, “Missing juvenile is believed to be with her non-custodial parent, Michael Long, and maybe en route to Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Mexico or Argentina. Michael Long is possibly driving an off-white 2010 Ford Edge SUV or a gray van with blacked-out windows, an NRA sticker, and a black rack on top. Missing juvenile has a small burn mark on one of her arms.”

Micheal Long has told the officials that her mother’s fiance sexually assaulted her. Thereafter, the police took Michael Long to court custody. The hearing, however, went without Sophie. Moreover, the police have confirmed that no one has seen Sophie since then. 

Since she went missing, many representatives of the media wanted to get a comment from the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office. Moreover, they even reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety for comment. But to no avail.  

The Claims Regarding Abuse 

Sophie stood at the center of the “I stand with Sophie”. Her claims took the internet by storm after Michael alleged that his daughter had been abused by his ex-wife’s current partner. Although Kelly Long has denied all accusations. 

She has said that it was rather ex-husband’s “personal vendetta…has now escalated to dangerous levels.” Although the court documents have said that Michael and Sophie talked in code. To make the conversation more private, they used special words. 

The special words were indicative to let him know about the alleged abuse at her home. There was a viral video in which Sophie screamed and told her grandmother about the abuse. She lays out that “she does not want to leave the car and go home because she feels uncomfortable”. 

Since the video hit the social media platform, the populace created a campaign called Stand with Sophie Story. The couple, Michael long and his estranged wife Kelly has been fighting for the custody battle for sophy since 2015. As a result, the judge granted both the parents a 50/50 split custody agreement.

What Is The ‘dangerous Vendetta’

Although the custody battle went on for quite some time, the judge gave her mother full custody. The mother then took the children 200 miles away from their father.  One of her envoys said “We have alerted the authorities and attorneys are doing everything they can to warn the public about the false nature of these claims. 

Michael Long’s vendetta against his ex-wife has now escalated to dangerous levels.” The court documents have also shown that both parents have a thorough history of calling Child Protective Services to make complaints about the other.

Ending note:

Lastly, Michael Long had created the Facebook group to raise awareness. He wanted to know the high-rated people to stand beside Sophia. Moreover, he even shared updates with Sophie’s supporters.

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