How You Can Add a New Level of Thrill and Excitement to Your Local Community Festival

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Whether you’re part of the local or town and county council or are part of the public sector, one of your biggest responsibilities is bringing the community together for a day (and night!) of fun. Many councils hold a special festival or celebration in their community, and these events are designed with one goal in mind: to bring fun and thrills to the local community and to make a profit! Needless to say, events like these are a big hit, especially if you offer rides and games for the entire family (and then some). But apart from the usual carnival rides such as the Ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl, how can you add a new level of thrill and excitement to your local community festival? There are lots of ways, so let’s find out. 

The benefits of adding excitement and thrill 

You must already have an idea of how beneficial it is to add another level of thrill and excitement to your event. First off, it will create a new level of excitement for festival-goers, making it an event they look forward to each year. In addition, rides and games can attract new visitors who may not have attended the festival in the past. This can increase attendance at your event, benefiting local businesses and the economy.

  • Choose the right rides

Of course, we all have an idea as well when it comes to the rides and games we like. But remember: there should be something for everyone. Consider your audience and budget when selecting rides and games for your festival. For example, if your festival caters to families with young children, you may want to include smaller rides, such as a kiddie coaster or carousel. However, if your audience is predominantly teenagers and young adults, extreme rides like a zip line or a reverse bungee ride may be more appropriate.

In addition to rides, add some carnival games, as they can be a great way to entertain festival-goers and offer them the opportunity to win prizes. Some of the most popular include balloon darts, ring toss, and the strongman game.

Here’s another tip: if you’re unsure about what rides and games to include or how to set them up, partner with a professional carnival company and fairground hire expert. These companies specialise in providing carnival rides, games, and food concessions for fairs and festivals, and they can handle everything from setting up the rides to ensuring they are safe for use.

  • Add live performances

You may also want to consider adding a live performance or two to your festival. Live music, comedy acts, or dance performances can add a new layer of entertainment and be a great way to showcase local talent and provide a platform for up-and-coming artists.

  • Creating a truly thrilling atmosphere

You can incorporate additional elements into your festival to create a truly thrilling atmosphere. You can, for example, add smoke machines or lighting effects to rides and games, which can create a more immersive experience. Another way is to host a costume contest or add a haunted house to your festival. All these elements can add a spooky and thrilling element and provide an experience that festival-goers will remember for many years – it can even be the ‘signature’ of your event that will distinguish it from other events!

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