Getting Your Dog Used To Their New Home

Dog Used To Their New Home

There is often some anxiety for dogs when they move into a new house or go to their first home. To ensure your new four-legged family member gets used to their new surroundings, they need patience and calm from you and everyone within the household. However, the settling-in process is not something you can simply leave to sort itself out – it needs action from the beginning.

You should become involved from the start if you want your dog companion to feel secure, comfortable, and at home in their new life. They will adjust much quicker if you engage with them and provide them with the comfort they need to thrive. 

Read on to find out what you can do to ensure your dog enjoys their new home. 

Stick with the Usual Schedule 

Nothing makes a dog feel more at ease than knowing what will happen next. Dogs benefit greatly from having a predictable schedule to know when to expect daily events like walks, treats, meal times, and any other activities that take place every day.

If you’re moving into a new home or have adopted a dog from someone else, it can help them unwind and adjust more quickly if you create a routine that is at least relatively close to the one they had previously. 

Whatever the case, a daily schedule should be established as soon as possible if the dog is new to the household. Even if your dog seems particularly anxious, having a good routine in place will be an excellent start and can help them grow more comfortable in their new surroundings much faster.

Give Them Some Personal Space

You can try your best to recreate the dog’s old space in the new house by bringing in familiar items and even some of the scents from the previous place. The emotional and reassuring support that their past toys, blankets, beds, and other everyday objects give is thought to be helpful and speeds up the adjustment process while the transition into their new life is happening.

Give Them Plenty Of Attention 

Dogs behave a lot like humans much of the time. If you’re feeling lost, alone, and scared, you’ll likely crave some attention so you can be reassured and less nervous; your dog is the same. So, when you get a new dog and they need to get used to your home, or you’ve moved house and your dog needs to get accustomed to their new surroundings, make sure you give them plenty of encouragement and support.

You need to make sure you’re devoting enough time to playing together and being active with them while also giving them lots of cuddles and emotional support. These are all great ways to reduce anxiety and stress for your dog. Tell them that you love them in a calm, positive tone of voice, and they’ll soon feel more at ease despite the huge change in their life. 

However, if your dog just can’t seem to relax or exhibits changes in behavior that don’t rectify after getting settled into your new place, it might be a sign that something else is wrong. In that case, it may be a good idea to check your furry friend checked over by a vet, such as or a veterinary practice in your local area. Plus, if you’re moving to a new home with pets, you’ll need to register them with your local vet anyway – this is a crucial step for pet owners moving to a new location.

Don’t Leave Home for Too Long

It’s important to be at your dog’s side as they process what is happening. You must be there to help them develop that confidence in a new home, particularly if your dog’s breed is not known for its independence. 

During the first week or so, only stay away for 20 to 30 minutes at a time when possible –  ideally, throughout the entire period. You can resume carrying out your regular schedule as soon as you – and especially your dog – feel comfortable again. However, don’t coddle your dog too much; this can lead to separation anxiety, which is what you want to avoid, especially when moving to a new place or if you’ve just adopted your dog.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to remaining cool and patient until the dust settles when moving into a new place with your pet or adopting a new one into your family. Always remember that you can’t rush things on an emotional level. 

Make sure you’re prepared to support and comfort your pet and that you have the necessary tools and patience to help them adjust faster and more smoothly to their new life with you.

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