Mädchen Amick’s Husband David Alexis Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Age

David Alexis

#David Alexis – Who is he?

By profession, David Alexis is a musician and a songwriter, and the husband of the actress Mädchen Amick. The couple first met during the late ‘80s when David was aspiring to be a musician. After they got married, his wife Amick’s career got a boost from the television series ‘Twin Peaks’. David, being a supportive husband, took a step back in his career but continued to be a songwriter and a music producer.

David Alexis was born on 4th May in the USA. His nationality is American and belongs to the African-American ethnicity. Taurus is his zodiac sign. Nothing much is known about his family except that his in-laws’ names are Bill and Judy Amick.

David Alexis

David Alexis Net Worth, Salary, and Income

He is a singer, musician, and a songwriter by profession. Till now is working in the industry for more than two decades. Since his career as a songwriter involves working behind the screen, his presence remains unknown to the outer world. Alexis started to receive attention when he got hitched up with the American actress Mädchen Amick.

david alexis net worth

His wife is a famous artist for her part as Shelly on the TV show, Twin peaks. She even got nominated for the best-supporting actress. Her recent schedule involves working on shows like Riverdale and second chance. On the other hand, David Alexis remains a secret artist, and any information about his income is also a secret. The net worth of his wife is around 3 million dollars. The estimated net worth of David is around 500 thousand dollars.

Married to Wife, Mädchen Amick

Everybody knows that the love life of most celebrities does not even last a short time today. But this is not applicable in the case of David Alexis and his wife. Their secret for their long-lasting bond is their deep love for the other. The couple tied the knot on 16th December in 1992, and from then on, they have together with no speculation of rumors about a breakup.

Mädchen Amick

The magic happened when David became Mädchen’s trainer because she wanted to learn music. The couple first met each other as neighbors in 1987, when both were facing hardships as teenage artists in Los Angeles. First, they started as friends and then David helped Amick with her singing. This friendship slowly sprouted into romance, and finally, after dating for four years, they got married.

After 26 years of marriage, they still enjoy a good married life with two beautiful kids. Their story of a successful marriage is rare in Hollywood, with no scandals or affairs to date.

Family, Siblings, and Parents

David Alexis’ place of birth is the USA. Other than that, nothing can be searched on the internet about his family. The couple welcomed their first son, Sylvester, on 5th July in 1992. Next year on 2nd September 1993, they welcomed their second child, a daughter whose name is Mina Tobias. Mina also followed her father’s footsteps and became a singer, releasing her first single titled ‘Freedom’ in 2015.

Height, Weight, and Appearance

His appearance stands tall, and he has good weight. From the pictures posted on Mädchen’s Instagram account, he seems to be healthy and heavily built. No more information can be obtained regarding his body measurements.

His signature style of wearing his long black hair in braid style has remained the same since he got the attention of the public. His dressing style remained to be minimum because he opts for jeans, leather jackets in black color along with ensembles of monochrome nature. Even in red carpets, he never changed his look, wearing a pair of round sunglasses and a hat, both black in color.

In Social Media

Both his personal and professional life, David Alexis, keeps it low key. There is no official account of him on any big social media platforms. But he is often seen in the profiles’ of his wife and children.

Final thoughts

David Alexis seems to be a mystery to the outside world due to the less amount of information available other than his profession being a songwriter and a musician who works backstage. Perhaps that’s what makes him a celebrity in a special way. In an industry that competes for the spotlight, he has become an unsung hero with a good name.