Creative Ideas To Celebrate Birthday At Home

Celebrate Birthday At Home

“Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.”

Birthdays are one such occasion which comes once a year and calls for a celebration. But does celebrations always have to be lavish or extravagant? No right? All birthday demand is to be celebrated with one’s loved ones over having a gala time dancing, playing games, watching movies or be it whatever, that one likes to do. And so as to practise the concept of social distancing, celebrating birthdays indoors becomes the need of the hour.

Celebrate Birthday At Home

If you are thinking that your birthday will be no less than a bummer, then you are highly mistaken. Here are a few creative ideas to celebrate birthday joyfully at home. 

  1. Placard Birthday Wishes – As we all are self-quarantining, these days, but does that stop us from conveying your lovely heart filled wishes to the birthday boy/girl? Definitely not. So, virtually gather each of those close friends and family members of the birthday boy/girl and ask them to click a photograph of them by holding a placard with some part of the message. You can then arrange it after gathering it, as shown in the picture below and post it over any of the social media platforms where he/she is active. If you are not comfortable with this idea, then you can simply ask everyone to dedicate some good words to honour the girl/boy of the hour. Something like this is sure to melt the heart of the birthday boy/girl. 
  2. Bake A Cake – What’s even a birthday without a delightful birthday cake? Nothing, right? So, bake a chocolate cake at home, pour all your love into it and win birthday boy’s/girl’s heart. You can easily look for some recipes of chocolate cake online and get the ingredients ready, a day prior. If you think you won’t be able to bake some perfect slices of the cake, then order it online. There are many such reputed online bakeries which are making every possible effort to deliver your token of love seamlessly, even amidst this quarantine period. You can choose your favourite chocolate cake online and opt for quick yet efficient online cake delivery in Hyderabad, Delhi or whichever part of the world, that you are residing in. 
  3. In House Decorations – Start by crafting your colourful streamers and other decoration items, a week or two prior. Look for some bits and pieces of colourful, glazy sheets and other materials that might be lying in your cupboard for a long period now. Get your markers, glitters and other essentials ready and get started!
  4. Arrange Cake Cutting Ceremony Over Video Call – Call one and call all! As it gets the time to cut the birthday cake and spread the loudest birthday cheer in the honour of the birthday boy/ girl. Video call everyone who is close to the birthday boy/girl as he/she marks the beautiful occasion of turning a year older and wiser. Furthermore, you can even arrange for some fun activities, virtually – like a karaoke night or dumb charades night and call it a day. 

So, these were a few creative ideas to celebrate a birthday in the most fun-filled manner by staying indoors at home. Be a great host/ hostess! Say goodbye to boredom on birthdays by trying to incorporate these wonderful ideas.