Choosing Bike Mudguards: A Must-Have Bike Part!

Bike Mudguards
Choosing Bike Mudguards A Must - Have Bike Part

Riding in the dead of winter or the pouring rain may be uncomfortable with the elements hitting your bike and body from both the sky and the ground. Fenders, thankfully, can make riding in bad weather much more comfortable by sheltering you from the spray of water, mud, and filth.

Some riders may be hesitant to add mudguards to their bike. They are more concerned about the aesthetics of their prized possession, but there is no doubting the benefits of running a set. If you need, you can get the whole new or used Canada bicycle parts at the most affordable prices. But there are a few things before you step up to purchase your bike fenders.

Let’s get started now!

What Are The Reasons To Get Bike Mudguards?

Mounting quality mudguards, also known as fenders, to your bike may have a plethora of advantages. For instance, some warrant its use to prevent mud, water, and grime from spoiling their clothes and bike all over. 

Some people do not like the way mudguards look, but there is no doubting the practical benefits. Explore some compelling reasons why you should get a set for your bike.

They Keep You Comfortable: 

The main reason for fixing mudguards is that they keep gunk or water flying up all over you. They help keep you drier, warmer, and more comfortable than you otherwise are. If you have not used them till now, go for it. You will be surprised to look at the differences in the riding conditions these mudguards make. 

Offer A Performance Benefit:

Memorize those good old days when you used to take your bike on cold winter days to school? And what if it started raining? No! Really. Cycling can be more of a challenge if you are cold and wet. Mudguards can help you focus on training by remaining dry and comfortable at the same time. You will likely stay out on your bike for longer rather than cutting short or heading home just because you’re not enjoying it.

Better For Ride Mates:

Some of you might have joined the club. They make it a critical tool to have on your bike for riding in wet weather. They help stop slinging of spray from your tires and soaking the rider behind. 

Pro-Tip* Appreciate using long mudguards when there is water on the road.

Improves Bike Longevity:

Alright, nothing will keep your rocky mountain bike totally dry while you’re riding in the downpour. But mudguards will cut how much muddy water gets hurled up by your tires and into the moving parts. The course would rather avoid water, and your drivetrain isn’t fond of mud, so fitting mudguards also help from a maintenance point of view.

How To Choose The Best Bike Mudguards?

A bike mudguard is a must-have part to prevent the stripe at your back. If you need to avoid changing your jersey after every bike ride, it’s vital to look for the right ones. You can use the following criteria:

Based On Usage 

  • Several types of mudguards are available, but choosing it depends on your bike type. City bike mudguards are long and thin, covering the entire back wheel or front wheel.
  • Mountain bike mudguards are broader and shorter than those designed for the city. They are also stiffer and more stable, making them better suited to riding on rugged terrain as they won’t touch the wheel.

Based On Position

  • Rear Mudguards: These are generally fixed behind the saddle and above your back wheel. For mountain biking, go for a model fixed onto the seat post. This kind of mudguard protects you from the mud a bit less, but mud is the lesser of two evils. There is an increase in leverage so it won’t touch the wheel at all.

The mudguard tends to attach to the frame on city or hybrid bikes. This fixing system is reliable and also defends the cyclist.

  • Front Mudguards: These are fixed to the fork or beneath the frame. Front mudguards offer maximum protection from dirt and splashes. Therefore, they help keep you safe by protecting your vision. 

# What Are The Necessary Items To Pack For A Bike Ride?

All of you can see there’s a sudden change in weather. It feels like the summers are here. Well, as summers are at their peak to approach, you must get the following necessary things:

  • Basic repair and maintenance tool kit
  • Water and food (sports drinks and nutrition bars can work as snacks)
  • Salt pills (to keep yourself hydrated)
  • Cell phone
  • Sunglasses (to prevent debris from entering the eyes)
  • A helmet is a MUST!

That’s all! I hope this guide will help you know the importance of mudguards. So, correct and secure installation to get the best impact. Be confident while fitting the guards!