Choose The Best Android Application For Your Video Editing

Choose The Best Android Application For Your Video Editing

Sitting at home and getting bored? Try something new while you are stuck, and this can turn your hobby into your profession. The best option is to start vlogging, and you don’t need any introduction to all this. The trend has already been set by the young YouTubers, and you can follow their journey and make yourself famous. You have to make your own platform, but you should know that this is not an easy task. The look or the profession may look to be very cool, but only the person who is involved is well aware of how much sweat they have to shed. Do not worry as everything starts from scratch. If you are passionate and determined, no one can stop, and you can do wonders in the digital platform as well. 

For all this, you need to have some basic equipment like lights, a microphone and of course a good camera. Post which the actual job starts, and that is the editing part. It is the editing of the video that will make a mark among the minds of the multi-ride, and this will be like a make or break situation for you. Behold, as you are not alone, and you can rely on the Internet for the YouTube video editor applications

Best android applications for video editing 

  • FilmoraGo

This application is a fantastic one to start your journey for the editing part. You get all hands-on experience like adding music, trimming, cutting, adding effects to the video. You get to set the resolution for the video as well, which you can upload on different channels like Instagram or Youtube. All are aware of the slow-motion videos; well, you can experiment on this editing application. If you want some professional-level editing, you can purchase the features from the app itself, which are really awesome. 

  • Adobe Premiere Clip

You are traveling somewhere, and you want to make some edits of your travel vlog, well thanks to the Adobe Premiere Clip, which is a handy application. The interesting part is that you can edit the videos on your Android phone while traveling as well. You can make the videos from the clips or the photos which you have on your phone. With almost every feature available for your editing, the application is entirely free. The videos can be directly exported to other platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You can also add music to your videos.  

· VideoShow

It is one of the sought-after video editing apps, and the same was proved when the application received awards. You have to download from the Playstore, and then you can start rolling. With a cool interface and compatible nature, this application is one of the best in the market. For the feature parts, you can add effects, pictures, music, and sounds as well to enhance the glamour of your video. Here, you will also get the option to blur the background, which is a fantastic feature.  

· Invideo

This online tool does not need any introduction. Once you start using this editing tool, you will know why it is the best in business. The tool boasts of a huge number of slides, templates, incredible features, which makes your editing like an easy task. You will get lost when you check on the templates collection, this app has. You can start learning from the demo videos which are present on the application itself. You can directly export the videos on the YouTube platform, once you are done with editing.  

  • PowerDirector Video Editor App

Being a noob in the video editing segment might make you a bit nervous. Do not worry as the Power director video editor app is easily available for you to make your tasks easier. With the availability of different effects, you get to choose from a great collection. Another overwhelming feature is that you can extract the videos in 4K resolution in addition to 1080. Well, this is something extraordinary as you are getting the chance to make all these changes right on your Android 

· Quik

This application is pretty swift and free, as well. You have to choose a collection of images from your gallery, and the job will be done. You can add texts and effects to your Quik stories as well. Well, another favorite feature of the video, which makes it more interesting, is that it is perfectly in sync with the GoPro camera. This might be one of the excuses to use this application, especially for the moto vloggers.  

  • VivaVideo

This application has been there for quite a long time. You can create professional videos with this application, and they are user friendly as well. The slow-motion feature is the best feature of this application. This app also acts as a photo slideshow maker, and now I guess you know the reasons why this app is so famous, especially among teenagers. 

· Funimate

This app will help you instantly create videos and will make them memorable as well. You can directly share them on social media platforms as well. With over a hundred video effects to choose from, you will be completely bowled out. The short videos made from this application are really awesome. You can share your ideas with the community as well and collaborate with others for making videos as well. 

· Magisto Video Editor & Maker

This application is also for the noob who has not got exposure to any kind of editing in the video section. You can combine the photos, texts, and sound effects to give the video an enchanting look. You can directly share the videos on social media sites.  

· Filmigo Video Maker

With simple features to choose from, this video is one of the best. You can select a template with a song that is perfect for the video. The app is more of a music video maker as it boasts of the huge in-built musical library.