Kristen Bell Husband is a Powerful Figure in Her Nude Life, Tattoos

Kristen Bell Husband
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Kristen Bell husband Dax Shepherd is a powerful figure in her life, the actress opened up recently. Furthermore, the celebrity couple is often honest about their relationship and what it entails. They even make fun of each other on camera, and it is quite refreshing to watch.

Recently they opened up about their marriage and what it takes to make it work. We Kid you not, the phrase relationship goals may feel overused and cliched these days, but with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd it is more than apt. We take a closer look at what they said about each other. 

The Sobriety Factor ” Kristen Bell Husband”

Now the focal point around which the strong relationship is built is Shepherd’s sobriety. He has been extremely transparent about it for many years now. Bell speaks about how she would often come back home to find Shepherd struggling a bit with his sobriety. But he always prevailed over the temptation eventually.

She also explained that it is a rather difficult task to watch him struggle at first. It is quite understandable. Watching your loved ones fight a temptation that may probably consume them if not taken care of can be quite disturbing. It is a lot of mental evolution and control according to her. 

But as with everything else there is also a silver lining here. To celebrate Shepherd’s accomplishments in the sobriety department, every year on his birthday Bell spoils the hell out of him. Moreover, she gets him gifts, allows him to drink just the slightest bit, and even takes him out. Furthermore, what can we say, this has to be one of the nicest gestures ever. Now Shepherd celebrates two birthdays in one year. One for the day he was born and one for the day he turned sober. 

Kristen Bell Nude
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Relationship Goals

Bell also is very vocal about her relationship status on social media platforms. Furthermore, she recently wrote on Instagram about how she was happy about Shepherd’s commitment to sobriety. Shepherd loved using; he simply loved drinking a lot. But then he decided to make his life and habits clean.

Moreover, he worked hard, took some therapy and finally managed to make it to the goalpost. Furthermore, in other words, he scored a goal fair and square. On the way he garnered the admiration of a lovely, supportive wife. Because Bell simply can’t get enough of her husband’s dedication and commitment. 

Shepherd has never been ashamed of his story. Moreover, he is a passionate, outspoken critic of substance abuse and alcoholism. Furthermore, he has struggled a lot to defeat his habit and finally succeeded, to the delight of his family. It is, therefore, quite natural that his family wants to celebrate his success with a small event every year.

Furthermore, we can only hope that more people who are caught in the vicious web of substance abuse manage to get themselves out of this trap and seek the help they sorely require. Also, here is a relationship goal to really emulate, guys and girls. Staying supportive throughout the toughest times in your partner’s life. 

We are mighty pleased to see Kristen Bell husband Dax Shepherd as such a powerful figure in her life. Furthermore, Kristen Bell husband and kids are currently living a high life, and we wish them all the best in all future endeavours. 

Kristen Bell Husband


1. How old are Dax and Kristen’s kids?

They are 9 and 7 years old. 

2. Does Kristen Bell have daughters?

Yes both her children are daughters. 

3. What is Kristen Bell husband net worth?

Dax Shepherd’s net worth is $40 million.

4. Where can we find Kristen Bell husband and baby pics?

You can find them on Google Images.

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