STORED offers a Long Term Storage Option in London

Why and When you should opt for long term storage options in London

You wake up early in the morning, have your breakfast, and started getting ready for work. You sit in your car and drive to work. As soon you reached the office, your boss schedules a meeting with you in the afternoon. After few hours, you are in a meeting with your boss who tells you that you will be transferred to a different city in few days.

He asks you to pack your bags and get ready to fly. Sadly, you are not ready for such a trip and do not want to leave your home because you are the only person who lives in your home. You are also worried about the security and safety of your belongings as anyone can easily break into your home and steal all your valuable items.

You immediately call a friend who told you about using long term storage. He tells you that you can store your valuable items for the long-term in storage units and when you come back you can get access to it. You are still skeptical about it so, you did some research online about long-term storage options. Soon, you realized that your friend has given you the right advice so you decide to follow his advice.

In this article, you will learn about the reasons why you should use the long-term storage option.

Reasons To Use Long Term Storage

There are various reasons why people prefer long-term storage options. Some of them are 

  • Downsizing their Homes
  • Job Relocation
  • Travel
  • Deployment
  • Home Renovations and Repairs

Whether you are planning to move to a smaller home or want to relocate to a newer city due to a job or transfer then, you can consider long-term storage options. Another important reason why people adopt long-term storage option is travel. If you are a frequent traveler who continues to hop around from one country to another, then you can securely store your belongings in a long-term storage surrey.

Long-term low cost storage options can also come in handy when you want to create more space for home repairs and renovations. You can move all or a big chunk of the items of your home to a storage unit to make space for home repairs. This allows the workers to perform more efficiently and you do not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged during the home repair and renovation process. 

Things To Consider When Choosing a Long Term Storage

Here are some of the things you need to consider before choosing a long-term storage option.

  • Location

Some people might think that location is not a deciding factor when choosing a long-term storage option because you just have to visit the facility once and the service provider will do the rest. What they do not realize is that location of the storage unit can influence many other factors such as price.

If the storage unit you are planning to store your valuable items is located far away from your location, you will get a much cheaper rate but if it is located a couple of miles away, you will have to pay much more to store your items for long term. Similarly, the closer the storage unit is to your home the more convenient it will be to get access to your items or move items to and from your home. This means that the nearer a storage unit is the more convenient is for you and the service provider to move items. Make sure you keep that in mind when choosing a storage option for the long term.

  • Price

Price is also an important consideration especially when you are storing your items for the long term. Most storage units charge you for space in square foot and have plans that charge you monthly. For instance, if you want to store a lot of items, you will have to buy more storage space and when you combine it with your long-term storage needs, this means that you will have to store it for many months. This will increase your overall storage costs drastically. Thankfully, there are London storage providers who also offer cheaper rates for long-term storage so make sure you compare prices and shop around by doing some research before choosing a self-storage provider for long-term use.

  • Operating Hours

Some storage units operate 24/7 while others do not. Remember to check the operating hours of the storage unit provider you are planning to store your items with for the long term. You do not want to get yourself in a situation where the storage unit is closed and you want access to your items urgently on Sunday. 

  • Security

Irrespective of which storage provider you choose, inquire about security features. Ask them what they do to keep your items stored safely? Most of them have excellent security facilities which include round-the-clock monitoring with CCTV cameras and intrusion detection and prevention systems. They also have alarms that sound off if there is suspicious activity. Since you are storing items for the long term, there is more risk attached to it. That is why it is important to give serious consideration to security measures.

  • Facilities

Last but certainly not least is amenities offered by the storage provider. What facilities do they offer to customers? Do they offer easy booking, home pick up and home drop off facilities? Some service providers even offer packing and moving services and have specialized equipment and highly trained staff that can easily complete those tasks. Choose facilities that you need because if you select amenities that you do not need or use, you will end up paying a higher price for it. It can quickly multiply as you are storing items for a long term and might come back to haunt you instead of providing you convenience. That is why it is important to choose facilities carefully.

Why would you choose long-term storage options? Share the reason with us in the comments section below.

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