Contact Forms 101: How To Make Yourself Available At All Times

Contact Forms 101

The need for successful communication for organizations is inevitable in the current digital era. How may contact forms be a crucial instrument for achieving that? The fundamentals of a contact form and its significance for a business website will be covered in this article.

Focusing on numerous ways to improve visitor engagement, we will also share best practices when developing a “Contact Us” page and guidelines for creating your contact form. You will get a full understanding of how to use contact forms on your website.

What is a contact form?

A contact form is a method that offers website visitors a way to contact with website administrator or website owner, a website’s contact form is similar to an email message in a way, but you do not require an additional channel to send your message other than using the web page’s contact form. It simply allows visitors to send direct messages, which can be viewed by an administrator.

contact form

Do you really need it on your company website?

If you visit some of the well-known websites, you can see that all have a common page which is a contact form. They are offering different channels to get in contact with visitors, and the contact form is a very useful thing for them to keep track of visitors. Allowing them a file upload feature is a unique characteristic of a contact form that distinguishes it from other alternatives.

  • Automated responses: With contact forms, you can automate responses, which helps you clarify that you get the responder’s message.

  • Ability to collect data: You can collect mail addresses, and in addition to that, if you ask specific questions, you can create a huge archive suitable to your needs.

  • Faster communication: With notifications, you can immediately respond to your visitors, and for the visitors getting a fast response is very important.

  • Protect your inbox from spam: You can enable CAPTCHA and disable multiple submissions with form settings which saves your inbox from spam and unrelated messages.

  • Increase customer reliability: Contact forms are a professional approach from the visitor’s perspective. If they can see it on your website, they feel safe to contact

  • Provide better customer support: By gathering and classifying data through responders, you can provide them with better customer support.

One of the best ways to communicate with visitors & leads

There are also additional ways depending on the visitor’s choice, such as an address, phone number, email address, and live chat. For instance, they may desire a direct approach and immediate assistance regarding contact information. In this situation, a phone number can be a better option.

They can also prefer communicating through social media if they are uncomfortable with a private conversation. Or they may want to visit your location directly if their current location is suitable for a visit. Adding live chat is a fast option, but it may be costly to have a team to give 7/24 support.

How can you make your own contact form?

Creating a contact us form for a website is easy with form builders. There are form builders that require no coding knowledge and allow creators to use lots of features, such as conditional logic and different form fields, to make your form detailed and professional. You can include the massage field on your contact page, and responders can send their messages with a simple submit button. So creating your contact us form template is a cost-effective and fast method with form builders.

Some essential features to use in a get-in-touch form

You must use some form builder features to create a better get-in-touch form. Some tools offer a conditional logic feature, which will help you to create follow-up questions depending on the answer. This means respondents feel that they are responding to more relative questions and won’t get bored.

You can also use email notifications for you and the respondent. Including a thank you page can increase your customer satisfaction, and they can also be notified that they successfully submitted their form. Also, you can customize your form design to match your brand’s color and give an eye-pleasing get-in-touch form for your visitors. You can also use third-party integrations and create a multi-layered ecosystem on your contact form.

Contact Forms 101

Best practices to follow on your contact us page

Although each alternative has its advantage and disadvantage, giving different options to contact can be a better way. Regardless of the availability of other methods, contact forms offer a more comfortable way of communication if you pay attention to these key steps:

  • Easy to understand: Design the contact form with a user-friendly interface and simple language. This can be helpful for visitors when it comes to submitting the form.

  • Simple and relative: Keep the form simple and focused, don’t ask unrelated questions or don’t expect them to fill in too many personal questions other than name, surname, and e-mail just to contact you.

  • Easy to navigate: Make sure your visitors won’t get lost trying to find message fields. Make it easy to find.

  • Make sure everything works properly: Be sure you are receiving messages. And try to clarify to your visitor that you received the message sent via the contact form.

  • Ask why they are contacting you: You can offer better customer service by learning their reason for contacting you.

  • Offer more than one contact option: Considering their reason and problem, they may require different alternatives. For example, they may prefer phone calls if they have an urgency.


In conclusion, there are different approaches when it comes to the contact page. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, offering visitors various alternatives is a perfect way. Some may find live chat useful, while others prefer phone calls or emails. The most comprehensive solution is, of course, combining them all and making yourself accessible through all channels.

Contact forms are the ideal line between mail and phone calls in a way, and they also give a professional manner to your website. So create your free contact form and get aligned with this fast-moving internet era.

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