Can You Spot The Fish Swimming Among The Octopuses? Check Out This Fiendishly Difficult Brainteaser & More

spot the fish

Who doesn’t love to solve a few brainteasers every now and then, right? So, there’s an artist who has come up with one, and here you have to spot the fish swimming among the octopuses. Well, the fish is almost playing a peek-a-boo with and all you have to do is to identify the fish.

Let us tell you, a few people have termed this as ‘fiendishly difficult’. While it’s also true that some of them solved this within 5seconds. Brainteasers are absolutely a fun way to kill some time. However, it can also become quite challenging at times, and this one proves to belong to the second category. But as we said, it all depends on the individual who is solving it.

So, if you want to know more about this fun brainteaser then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything about it and also provide you with a few more.

What’s The New Spotting The Fish Challenge All About?

So, as we said earlier, there’s a new challenge now where you have to spot the fish from a pool of octopuses. In fact, this new underwater seek-and-find challenge has certainly become one of the pretty cool brainteasers. People are having a hard time solving them while it’s equally true that some of them can do it in a jiffy.

In this challenge, there’s a picture with Octopuses and fish that’s probably hiding. So, you have to spot the fish swimming from a pool of octopuses.

Who Has Made This Brain Teaser?

It’s true that these kinds of brain teasers are really great once in a while. Moreover, if you are looking to kill some time or want to test your eyes a little then it’s great to have these teasers. However, we have to know the creator of this wonderful teaser. So, this vibrant brainteaser is the work of Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas. A lot of people also know him or call him Dudolf. In fact, it’s also true that he has perfected the art of fiendish ‘Seek-and-Find’ type of puzzles.

The latest one is the one we are talking about. So, this illustration shows a lot of octopuses of purple color. They are all next to a treasure chest overflowing with gold and riches. However, can you spot the fish in that picture?

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Dudolf the cartoonist has shared this brainteaser on his blog. He hasn’t given any tips to the players as well. So, those of you who are stuck with this, well, it’s time to look for it harder.

However, we ain’t going to become stingy and provide you a little tip. So, SPOILER ALERT-

If you do need to spot the fish then you can try looking in the top right part of the picture. Well, if you need more help then we can also provide you with a second hint. So, the fish has the same color as that of the octopuses.

Similar Brain Teasers

If you have some fun with the spotting fish one then you will also enjoy a few other teasers. So, there’s another fiendishly tricky puzzle where you need to spot the lily hiding among a bunch of roses. Moreover, there’s another similar challenge where you need to spot the dog that has stolen the sausage at a BBQ. All of these puzzles are really innovative and something with which you can kill some time. Especially in lockdowns, people are having a great time solving these.