Alopecia Barbae: Symptoms And Treatments

Alopecia Barbae

Are you suddenly losing your beard hair in small circular patches here and there? If your answer is yes, then you are probably suffering from Alopecia Barbae. Even though the name might sound a bit scary, but if you undergo proper treatment you can manage it. It is a health condition that causes hair loss. 

So do you want to know what it is about in detail? Read through this article thoroughly to know everything about this medical condition. We will also discuss its symptoms as well as how you can recover from it. Let’s take a look!

What is Alopecia Barbae? 

Alopecia Barbae is an autoimmune disease. Are you aware of the effects on your body? In this disease, your body’s immune system attacks the healthy cells mistakenly which causes damage to your hair follicles. Therefore, you face the problem of patchy hair loss. In this case, it mainly affects your beard hair and you keep losing hair in circular patches all of a sudden. 

Although the exact causes of this condition are unknown, often doctors link physical and mental stresses to Alopecia. At times, it can also become a genetic condition. Let us take a look at the symptoms and treatments associated with this medical condition.


Well, this disease is not so easy to predict. You can suddenly develop this condition. So if you think you are suffering from Alopecia Barbae, then you will be having the following symptoms:

  • You will notice bald patches developing in small and circular patches which are about the size of a quarter. So if you keep losing more hair, these patches will grow bigger and overlap.
  • Moreover, you might find the hair around the edges of these patches turning white.
  • Itchiness can also develop on your skin. At the same time, you might experience pain while losing your hair. 
  • Your skin can become rough. Furthermore, you can experience redness, irritation, and inflammation on those spots.
  • Hairs can become narrower at the bottom of your beard. 


Well, if you are facing this problem, you must be eager to know about its treatment as well, isn’t it? However, there is no proper cure for this medical condition, but if you treat and manage it well your problems might reduce. 

After undergoing the treatment for some time, you might notice that your hair is growing back, but there is no guarantee that you won’t face the same problem again. Let us see what are the treatments you can opt for:


If you are facing this problem then you must have already visited a doctor. Here are some of the most common steroids that doctors prescribe for this condition. 

  • Corticosteroids
  • Minoxidil
  • DPCP
  • Anthralin ointment

These medications are either anti-inflammatory or topical drugs that help treat the condition of pattern baldness. So take them regularly as advised by your doctor. They will help you reduce redness, itchiness, or any kind of swelling.

Use Garlic Gel

As you know garlic has natural healing properties in it. Therefore it is very beneficial in treating symptoms of this medical condition. People who use garlic gel along with the above medications have found effective results.


This is a kind of natural supplement that contains marine extracts. Moreover, it promotes hair growth in people who are facing acute hair loss problems. In addition, it also regenerates new cells and strengthens existing cells. So apply it today itself!

Summing it Up

So you can well understand that this medical condition is nothing that would put your health at risk in any way. However, it can be difficult to deal with it emotionally. Since we all know appearance is a very important aspect of our life. You can read through the above points and get an idea about the treatments.

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