7 Trending Off-page SEO strategies to implement in 2023

Off-page SEO strategies

In the context of website ranking Off-page SEO strategies are like a cherry on top of the cake. Earlier, Off-page SEO was assumed to be bootless in website ranking, but today they are indispensable in the world of website ranking and web traffic flow. 

They help you implement multiple tricks and techniques to rank your content higher than others. Businesses can enormously benefit from these Off-page SEO strategies via increased traffic flow, better ranking, and more.

With these smart tricks and strategies, we will help you achieve a lot more…

The core of Off-page SEO strategies

Backlinks or Backend Links –

When a third party generates a link on their webpage for your website, that link is your backlink.

You can create two types of backlinks as per your requirements. They are –

  • Do-Follow

Do-follow links are helpful when you do want Google to crawl your content. 

  • No-Follow

These links are helpful when you do not want Google to crawl your content. Hence, Google will not be able to visit such links or content.

We strongly advise that you approach websites superior to yours to get backend links. It gives your website credibility and helps establish its value on the content. It also helps to establish authority over the content you are publishing.

Here we will focus on the top trending ones that will generate maximum profit for your business growth.

7 Trending Off-Page SEO Strategies to Implement In 2023

Check out these most effective 7 Off-page SEO strategies you should incorporate to achieve higher SERP ranking and generate heavy website traffic flow.

1. Buzzworthy Content

The first strategy is to create informative, attention-seeking, and qualitative content.

Unique, high-quality content writing services will help you generate organic backend links from other sites or web platforms.

This is so because contents are innate in quality and will motivate other website writers to publish them on their websites.

That will help them increase their web traffic, in turn, pave a way for audience interactions on your website as well. 

2. Maximise Utilisation Of Social Media Spaces

Today, social media platforms give easy access to everyone. Thus, the traffic on social media is fast and ever-growing. It is a massive web of people connected via the internet worldwide. 

You can post your website on social media, get into conversations with your audience, and market your brand to them.

Incorporate website links in different social media platforms, which will direct users to your website.

  • Influencer marketing

They help by becoming your brand’s advocate and posting about your website in their channels. In this way, you can reach more potential users you can target to visit your website.

  • Bloggers

They will help you channel traffic flow to your website by writing about your company on their pages. Further, the link to your website created on their content will direct the users to your website.

3. Involve In Q&A Discussions

Questions and answers platforms allow you to resolve your user’s queries directly, on a one-to-one basis. 

You can also find questions from other viewers who are not yet a part of your website. By answering their queries, you increase the probability of them taking an interest in your website. 

You will be directing their attention to your website by attaching links to answers. 

  • Quora Submission

In Quora, users can freely post any queries about your website, and you can instantly respond to them, without involving any second party.

Here, you can tactfully place your backlinks to your website in the answer sections.  

  • Forum Posting

These are open platforms for discussions on different topics between you and your audience.

This helps higher engagement with more and more users. Additionally, forums help impart information about your website to the users. This allows you to ask users to visit your websites to fulfill their needs and queries.

4. Creation of Strategic Guest Posts

Guest posting is when you are creating a link to the content you have written on a third-party website.

Majorly used by webmasters to assist in boosting website searches on SERP, bring forth brand awareness to new users, and achieve high SERP rankings.

Guest posts help bring higher visibility to your website. 

Create links to your website in a second or third-party website to help gain better outreach and better SEO optimisation.

5. Inculcate Visually Attractive Elements

Visual appeal is a must-have in any business, they help in fastening the process of catching a viewer’s attention.

Attractive images, animations, and videos, especially animated videos are a great aid in holding onto a user’s focus. 

Incorporate different images and videos into your web content wherever you provide information about your website.

This help to draw a viewer’s attention faster and aid in gaining website link clicks.

  • Snippets

These are images that appear on the SERP beside the links on the left-hand side. They foster the engagement rate of users with the advertisements placed as snippets.

You may attach website links or any particular web page links under them. 

When a user views them they will be directed to your website via the links, thus generating a smooth traffic flow to your website.

 6. Business Listing/Classified Ad Hosting

Add your business to the business listing directory.

The function of the directory is to provide information about your business to those searching for it.

These searches might be direct about your brand’s name, or could also be on related businesses.

This will help facilitate users to fasten their searches and get results quickly.

Your advantage would be that your website information will reach your audience quickly. Hence, quickening the process of inflow of website traffic and calls to action on the website.  

Tips to remember:

  • Name of your company
  • Address of your company
  • Description of your company
  • Input different URLs of the webpages

When a user clicks on your website link in the business listing directory, they will be directed to the webpage you have provided the link to. 

7. Article Directory Submission

This strategy gives you the freedom to talk freely on different topics related to your business. 

It is a platform that houses multiple contents about your website, categorised into different sections.

Thereafter, you can also sort out the categories and feed in content respectively. 

They help in giving more credibility to your website. 

Also, they help generate more backlinks to your website, thereby helping you to reach a wider sect of audience. It is easy to understand and you may personalise the website according to your brand image. 

Article directories help in content promotion for your website. Hence, you may create links in the articles, to direct users to the official website of your company. 

In the article directory submission, you do not need any third party’s permission before posing and promoting your content. 


We recommend using these tips to enhance the visibility of your website. These techniques come in handy to increase your website’s performance in SERP via Off-page SEO optimisation. 

Author Bio 

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After completing his Engineering and being unsatisfied with his 9 to 5 job, he started everything from scratch along with his two friends. Now, this company has become a family of more than 65 professionally trained and creative content writers, bringing 85% of repetitive customers.

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