7 Occasions When a Custom Plaque Makes the Best Gift

7 Occasions When a Custom Plaque Makes the Best Gifts
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Plaques provide a super way for an organization to recognize or gift someone, whether it is given for work-related activities or for other reasons, such as volunteering, research, a specific achievement, or service.

The following 7 occasions represent ideal times to give the gift of an engraved and customized plaque.

1. Present a Plaque for Outstanding Service in the Line of Duty

You can choose from many options for plaques that cover outstanding service in the line of duty. Crystal plaques, engraved metal plaques combined with wood, acrylic plaques, aluminum plaques, and solid wood plaques can all serve this purpose. These plaques are given to people who are recognized for their heroic contributions, such as police officers, military personnel, nurses, and fire and safety personnel.

2. Give a Crystal Plaque to Recognize Leadership or a Lifetime Achievement

You can also give executives or staff members crystal custom plaques, honoring their efforts as a leader or innovators. These plaques are ideal to use for celebrating a person’s leadership skills or specific achievements. Choose a diamond-shaped award that sits on a crystal stand with white frosted engraving. You can also include color printing if you have a logo design.

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3. Memorialize a Person’s Life or a Special Pet with a Granite Pillar Plaque

You can also memorialize someone special or a pet with a posthumous gift, such as a granite pillar. This engraved item stands about 7 inches tall and can be designed with a clipart icon, such as a heart, cross, or paw print. PIllars are designed for remembering a loved one at a memorial service, or on a special occasion, such as the person’s birthday.

4. Celebrate a Graduation

You can also use a plaque to celebrate a student’s graduation from college or high school. Customized and engraved diploma plaques are typically made of solid wood or a metal and wood design. They may be used by schools or as a gift from a parent to a student.

5. Commemorate a Retiree

You can also customize a wood, acrylic, or crystal plaque to commemorate a retiree. Let them know how much their efforts and dedication have meant to your company over the years. 

6. Praise an Athlete

Plaques are always an excellent way to praise athletic skills or achievements. One great plaque to choose for this purpose is a frosted engraved crystal plaque that floats or is slightly elevated over a sleek black-finished board design. 

These plaques feature keyhole-sized slots for easy display and hanging. You might also consider an engraved plaque made of solid cherry for end-of-the-year athletic award dinners or similar activities.

7. Show a Teacher Your Thanks or Applaud a Special Work

Plaques are also designed to offer thanks to a special educator or lionize the work of an author, scientist, or scholar. A plaque engraved with gold letters on black metal, featured on a cherrywood board, provides an ideal way to show thanks or applaud a special work.

Final Thoughts

Plaques make the best gifts for many occasions, so you need to include them when gifting or showing your thanks. The gift of a customized plaque is personally meaningful and memorable to the recipient.