Find Out Everything About Aubrey Saget: Bio, Age, Career & More

Aubrey Saget
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The Late Mr. Bob Saget’s daughter Aubrey Saget has become famous owing to his celebrity status. However, it’s worth noting that Aubrey has made her own identity as a professional artist. Famous for her paintings and different art curators, Aubrey has made a niche for herself in the industry. It’s worth noting that she is famous as an expert art painting curator.

On the other hand, for those who don’t know about Bob Saget, let us tell you that he was a famous stand-up comedian in Hollywood. In addition, he also earned a reputation as an actor and TV host. So, it’s mainly due to her father that Aubrey has come under the limelight.

Recently, Aubrey is facing a difficult time and mourning the loss of her father as he died on 9th Jan 2022. The death of Mr. Bob was quite shocking for her family. They still cannot believe that Bob Saget has left this material world.

After the death of Bob Saget, her daughter Aubrey Saget shared the last text message of her father on her social media account. Owning to that, a lot of fans of Bob want to know more about his daughter. So, if you want to know some interesting details about Aubrey, then it’s time to go through this article.

A Short Bio On Aubrey

Aubrey Saget is popular for being the daughter of the Actor Bob Saget. She was born in the year 1987 on 15th February, in New York, USA. Therefore, she’s around 35 years old as of 2022. Currently, she resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her family.

It’s worth mentioning that Aubrey possesses the expert artistic genes of her father from birth. So, that’s why she has become an artist now. Her craze to make beautiful paintings and explore a myriad of colors on Canvas propelled her to make a career out of it.

Of course, her family provided constant support in her pursuit of becoming an artist. During her school days, the school authorities exhibited her paintings in various school exhibitions. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Aubrey’s not the only child of her parents. She has two siblings.

After completing high school, she went to New York University in 2009 and gained a Bachelor’s degree in BFA ( Bachelor of fine arts). After taking a break for a few years she did her masters in fine arts from the same place in 2016.

Family Details

According to the sources, Bob Saget tied knots with Sherri Kramer, Aubrey Saget’s mother in 1982. It’s worth noting that Aubrey has two sisters: Lara Melanie Saget (1989), and Jennifer Belle (1992).

Unfortunately, her parents took a divorce when Aubrey was around 10 years old, in the year 1997. After that, Aubrey was living with her dad. Many times in her life she found her father’s support. It was her father who instilled in her a fashion for the art form. Without her father, she probably wouldn’t have taken an interest in art in the first place.

Career Of Aubrey

The sources tell us that Aubrey began her journey working as an art curator after completing her BA degree. In fact, she has decorated different handmade Canva paintings in 2009, at Gastronomy, Lana Santorelli Gallery exhibition in NYC. thereafter, she also organized exhibitions of her paintings in New York, Mexico, New Jersey, etc.

Aubrey Saget organized her last exhibition, which was about dissolving artifacts, in Studio 200, Brooklyn, NYC. Currently, she’s a professional artist. It’s also worth noting that names like Studio 200, Art Helix, RepopRoom, and many others have selected her for different curatorial projects. Therefore, we have to say that she has become a prominent artist in this field. Aubrey has also won the Fine Art Scholarship Award Grant in 2015 from New York University.

Personal Life & Her Father’s Last Message

Talking about her personal life, it seems that Aubrey Saget hasn’t exchanged vows yet. She has kept her Instagram account private and hasn’t revealed anything that can suggest the fact that she’s in a relationship.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that it was Aubrey who shared her father’s last message on her Instagram profile. According to the sources, Mr. Bob left this world on 9th Jan 2022 in Orlando. It was a shocking death because before his death he had performed at Ponte Vedra beach.

The text message that Aubrey shared appears to be sent before his show. It was a simple and touching message: “Thank you. Love u. Showtime!”.

Aubrey Saget Net Worth

Aubrey Saget is an art curator and also a professional artist herself. As of now, she enjoys a net worth of around 300k USD.