Potholes, Cracks, and More: 5 Signs You Need Driveway Repairs

Driveway Repairs

Has your driveway got a lot of cracks? Are its edges crumbling? We’re here to show you the warning signs that mean you need driveway repairs!

How is your driveway? You drive over it every day without giving it much thought, but the driveway you trust could need repairs. 

Does it have any cracks? Is it missing any pieces of concrete? If so, your driveway could be suffering. 

Driveways last for many years after installation, but they don’t last forever. Here are five signs your home might need driveway repairs. 

  1. It Collects Water

Is one side of your driveway lower than the other? If a heavy rain creates a pool of water in one area of your driveway, you need to consider a driveway repair. 

Pooling water means your driveway is no longer level. While it might seem like merely an annoyance, pooling driveway water can seep into your home’s foundation and cause other expensive issues. 

  1. The Cracks Multiply

One crack in your driveway isn’t a significant issue. However, if more cracks appear as time goes on, you might need to fix driveway. Cracks can create safety hazards on your property and lead to foundation issues with your house. 

Cracks don’t always require a full driveway replacement if you repair them early enough. A concrete expert like CC Concrete LLC can inspect your driveway and provide options to repair or replace a cracked driveway. 

  1. It Has Holes

They aren’t just a road hazard. Potholes can happen in your driveway, too. 

Missing a chunk of concrete or a sunken place in the asphalt of your driveway needs a repair. A pothole can grow to a larger hole that becomes a safety issue when approaching your home. Driving over a pothole in your driveway can also cause expensive damage to your car or a visitor’s vehicle. 

  1. The Colors Change

Do you know the original color of your driveway? Is it a variety of colors now? From oil spills to dirt, mildew, and years of sitting in the sun, your driveway might suffer from discoloration. Depending on the chemicals or weathering causing the discoloration, your driveway could need a repair. 

A thorough cleaning can remove surface discoloration and remove chemical residue. If the cleaning process causes cracks or loosens concrete, applying a sealant can help extend the life of your driveway. 

  1. It Crumbles

Crumbling concrete happens when your driveway absorbs water, then expands and contracts with a change in temperature. Concrete is a porous material. It will naturally absorb water, even though it’s a hard surface. 

When you notice crumbling edges or sections of your driveway, it’s time for concrete driveway repair. If left without a fix, crumbling can lead to losing significant portions of your driveway, holes, and unsafe conditions. 

Driveway Repairs Can Save You From Replacement

Like any other part of your home, proper maintenance and timely driveway repairs can extend the life of the concrete or asphalt path to your home! If you notice any of these symptoms, you might not need a full driveway replacement. Take care of the repair right away. 

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