Different Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes

Different Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes

During ancient times, men wore beard styles for different reasons. In Egypt, for example, they wore it to symbolize wealth and status. A beard was a sign of mourning for the Romans while it was a sign of castration among the Gauls if a guy lost his beard.

Today, this symbolism is not so common. Men wear different beard styles for many reasons that are not related to culture. Some do it to be fashionable, others like keeping it to feel masculine, while others want to highlight their adorable features.

This is one of the most preferred beard styles by men. The beard style is a simple, yet classic look that brings out the charming qualities in a guy. It gives you the freedom to choose the length you want before your barber starts working on it. So, you decide how you want to look in this beard cut. Besides, this beard style looks quite professional and is recommended for office settings.

  • How to Maintain It

You can maintain this beard style without frequent visits to your barber. Grade your beard under a centimeter and prune it every 2-5 days. According to MensHaircuts, the frequency is determined by the speed of growth of your beard. So, if your beard grows faster, you would need to grade and prune it frequently than the days mentioned here.


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  • The Classic Goatee

It is a short beard style and the most recognizable among the men’s beard styles. What makes it outstanding is its width. When done incorrectly, it can interfere with the shape of your face. So, the width has to be shaped to perfection to ensure it’s neither too wide nor too narrow. As such, always look for a barber who understands how to shave a beard correctly according to one’s face shape.

How to Maintain It

The beard needs to be trimmed after every few days to maintain its shape. The mustache line should be kept clean to keep you looking sharper. For the goatee to remain adorable, ensure you shave clean the hair around it. Or, if you don’t prefer clean shaves, set your clippers on the shortest length and work on the rest of your facial hair. The right contrast between the hair around your goatee is key to the appearance of this beard style.

  • Full Boxed Beard

This is a full beard that is kept short. You can keep it with the length of your preference depending on your hair type.

This beard style looks great on thick hair. Sideburns complement it while barbers prefer maintaining the length at finger deep.

How to Maintain It

It is a high maintenance style that requires regular combing – at least 6 times a day. This frequent combing aims at improving the blood flow, which encourages the growth of healthy hair. A beard oil and hair conditioner are used for maintaining the full boxed beard.


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  • The Anchor

The anchor is a type of goatee. It looks great on different face shapes and emphasizes the volume. So, to get a proper shape, the beard must be given a few weeks of stubble. 

  • How to Maintain It

The anchor needs attention to keep it looking good. You have to keep it looking symmetrical. To achieve this, shape it using clippers and get the detail by using a wet razor. Don’t forget to use quality balm to keep it looking fresh throughout.

  • The Short Shaggy Beard

Can’t grow a full beard? Well, there are beard styles exactly for you. Try this style. It is also great for guys with uneven hair growth. The tip to keep this beard style looking great is keeping it short, mostly at finger depth. Step out with confidence on any occasion while wearing the short shaggy beard. If your hair has uneven growth, focus on the thickest part to get that charming full look.

  • How to Maintain It

Maintaining this beard style is easy. It needs regular washing and conditioning. Plus, trim it bi-weekly or when it starts becoming longer than the finger depth. You can ask your barber to give you a tidy-up, like most wearers of the beard style do. It is easier to maintain it than having an overlay style, which is more demanding.

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