Things To Know About Hitman Holla, The Rapper

Hitman Holla
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Hitman Holla is one of the most famous American rappers, social media influencers, singers, and TV personalities. Moreover, he is also an entrepreneur from St Lous, Missouri, US. He is known in the country for his amazing rap battles and energetic rap songs. 

So, as a professional rapper and singer, Hitman has released a lot of songs and music albums like Control Da Room, Tiff Drowin, House Party, Sucka For, and more. Furthermore, if you follow his rap battles, then you’d know that he loves to involve himself in rap battles against famous rappers. Holla has performed in Battle America, Fight Club, Ultimate Rap League, and more places. 

He is also someone who has collaborated with several prominent rappers and singers in the industry. According to the sources, he has also launched his own fashion lines Yett Yett and Ball Game. 

Furthermore, in the year 2021, in Oct, he came to the spotlight after posting on IG. The post revealed that his girlfriend Cinnamon was shot in the face by burglars who broke into their house one day. Go through this article if you wish to know more about Hitman Holla. Here we will provide everything that you need to know about this person. 

A Brief Bio on Hitman

We have already mentioned that Hitman Holla was a famous rapper. So, he was born in the year 1988, on 29th March, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Therefore, we can say that he is around 34 years old as of 2022.  As for his real name, it’s Gerald Fulton Jr. Hitman. Moroever, it’s also worth noting that he belongs to a wealthy family and follows the Christian religion.

From his childhood, he had a passion and love for rap and hip-hop music. That’s why loved listening to the songs by the famous rappers and singers. Holla went to a private school for his primary and secondary education. 

Thereafter, he enrolled in California State Northridge and received a scholarship there. Holla is also an athlete who participated in various sports events in his school days. Moreover, he played pro baseball during his high school days as well. 

So, for his higher studies, he went to the University of Missouri. Thereafter, he completely followed his dream of pursuing music. Today, he has become the ‘Hitman Holla’, the rapper, singer, and TV personality. 

A Bit On His Family

Hitman Holla is someone who’s not that keen on sharing the details of his family life. That’s the reason why it’s a bit difficult to get details about his family. However, we can say that he belongs to a mixed ethnical background of African descent and follows the Christian religion. As for his birth sign, it’s Aries. 

From the sources, we have gathered the names of his parents. They are Gerald Fulton Sr, and Sue Fulton, father, and mother, respectively. Holla’s father has always supported him in his music career. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that he has a brother whose name is Showout. 

Personal Life

If you want to know about Hitman Holla’s personal life, then we have to mention Cinnamon, his girlfriend. According to the sources, Cinnamon was a social media influencer and the CEO of CINNY, an eyewear company. The couple lived together for some time. However, there’s no proper info available about their first meeting. But it’s true that the couple ran a youtube channel together, ‘Holla & Cinnamon’. 

Fate had other things in the plan because one day a few burglars broke into their home and shot Cinnamon in the face. Hitman was the one who revealed this news on his IG account on 12th October 2021. 

It’s also worth noting that Hitman Holla has a son whose name is Geremiah Fulton. He is around 16 years old now, as of 2022. Needless to say, Hitman just loves to spend some quality time with his son. 

The Professional Career Of Hitman

Hitman Holla has gained fame as a musician, rapper, and singer, in the Hollywood music industry. Being a professional singer and rapper, he has released lots of music albums, singles, EPs, and more. His latest album ‘Big Flex’ has received loads of love from his fans. 

According to the sources, his popularity rose after he had launched his single Tiff, Diddy Dym, and What They Do. Thereafter, he also released some other noteworthy. He has a lot of top songs like The Invitation, I live It, Top Tier Dress, Mark, etc. 

Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that Holla loves to indulge himself in rap battles. Coming into the spotlight, he performed a lot of rap battles against famous rappers. He performed in places like Fight Klub, Battle America, SMACK/URL. 

Facts To Know About Hitman 

So, here are a few facts that you should know about Holla. 

  • In his early career, Holla was indulged in gang battles. 
  • He is an athlete who played basketball and other sports. 
  • There are around two murder charges against Holla. 
  • His younger brother Showon is also a rapper. 

Net Worth

Gerald Fulton Jr, whom we also know as Hitman Holla has a huge net worth. According to the sources, he enjoys a net worth of 5-6 million USD.