The 3 Best Areas Of Palm Springs Real Estate To Look At For Newly Married Couples!

Palm Springs Real Estate

If you are considering moving to Palm Springs with your new partner, then you need to look into the best areas for young couples. Even though other areas of this Florida city might be cheaper, you might be farther out of the city and farther away from what is going on in the world. If you are looking for a quiet and residential neighborhood, this may mean that you are living with all retired couples. Avoid looking at Palm Springs real estate in an impractical neighborhood or in a retirement community by checking out the best neighborhoods for young couples!

The 3 best Palm Springs real estate areas for young couples!

As a young couple, you want to make sure that you can interact with others in your community. Part of being a newly married couple is that you want to get to know other couples in your area, spend time with the young professionals in your neighborhood, and bond with the other neighbors. Part of doing this is making sure that you move into an area that has a lower median age and has amenities for everyone to use – See more here and check out some of the hottest neighborhoods in Palm Springs real estate for young professionals and young couples alike! 

Ruth hardy park

One of the best neighborhoods in Palm Springs real estate is Ruth Hardy park – this neighborhood is less than a mile away from the downtown center of Palm Springs, making it very walkable and easy to commute to and from work. Furthermore, you can enjoy outdoor sports recreational opportunities, and parks, such as the local volleyball courts, playgrounds for your future children, and barbecue spaces for you to bond with other young professionals. 

Not to mention, Ruth Hardy Park is the ideal location for those who are in the medical profession due to the local health center and hospitals that are always looking for new employees.

El Mirador

The second option when it comes to Palm Springs real estate for young couples and females is El Mirador – if you are looking for the perfect spot to move to for you and your future family, this is it! Along with having the nearby Ruth Hardy Park for exploring the outdoors of Palm Springs, you can enjoy sending your kids to the renowned Katherine Elementary School and the Raymond Cree Middle School. 

Old las Palmas

The last area that you should look at when it comes to Palm Springs real estate for you and your partner is Old Las Palmas. Known for being a luxurious community area, this neighborhood is a prestigious option in the city – this means that it is oftentimes more expensive but you will enjoy the close hiking trails, the affluent amenities, and the beautiful homes.


If you are thinking of the best areas of Palm Spring real estate to move into with your new partner, consider Old Las Palmas, El Mirador, or Ruth Hardy Park to enjoy the younger vibe, outdoor amenities, and recreational opportunities!

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