11th April Events: Which Events to Be Celebrated on This Day?

11th April Events

The exploration of events and festivals should never stop and we have some great events lined up for you to celebrate on 11th April. So, as per the sources, the whole month of April has lots of great events and festivals to celebrate. From the continuation of the month of Ramadan, April has lots of festivals. For example, on 1st April, we celebrated April Fools. 

So, on the 11th of April, we can celebrate the day as national submarine day, national pet day, etc. Moreover, it’s also national barbershop quartet day, equal pay day, and national cheese fondue day. 

If you want to know more about the events and festivals of the 11th of April, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will share all the stuff you need to know about the 11th of April’s festivities. 

These Are The Events & Festivals To Look Forward To On The 11th Of April

11th April has become quite popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s National Submarine Day, and also, on this day, we celebrate a delicious dish, Cheese Fondue. Of course, there are other celebrations that we do on this day. If you want to know about all of those celebrations, then it’s time to dig into this article and find out for yourself. 

1. National Submarine Day

A submarine is one of the greatest inventions that has for sure, changed a lot of things. It has paved the way for us to look into the ocean’s deepest parts. Moreover, people have also used submarines for war. The submarine has a rich history as well. According to the sources, it was Cornelius Drebbel who first built a submarine in 1620. 

He built this underwater ship for James I for use in London. If you want to celebrate the national submarine day, then you could read the history of submarines. Moreover, you could also try visiting a submarine. Just take a road trip to a museum or any other place where you can see a submarine. 

National Submarine Day

2. National Pet Day

11th April is a special day for all the pet lovers out there because it’s national pet day. If you have a pet, then, of course, you should enjoy this day with your little companion. Even if you don’t have a pet, then you could just watch videos of cute animals. So, for all of you pet lovers who don’t know how to celebrate national pet day, you could treat your companion with some good food, new toys, and of course, give all the love. 

3. National Barbershop Quartet Day

Did you know that the 11th of April is also national barbershop quartet day? Well, we are talking about the fancy and classic-looking barbershop where the barbershop quartets play for you while you take a shave. In fact, as per tradition, they will also sing for you. 

As per the sources, the Barbershop Quartets have been around in the US for decades now. So, you can try showing some appreciation to them on this particular day. If you don’t know anything about them, then you could also learn about the Barbershop Quartets.

National Equal Pay Day 

4. National Equal Pay Day

In the 21st Century, we keep equality at a grand height. It’s not an age where inequality should prevail. If you wish to observe the 11th of April as national equal pay day, then on this day, you could learn about pay equity. In addition, you could also take part in polls and fight for pay equity. 

5. Cheese Fondue Day

11th of April is also quite famous as Cheese Fondue Day. So, if you are a lover of cheese, then don’t forget to try this awesome and delicious dish on the 11th of April. It’s creamy, and buttery, and goes well with wine. 

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