How to Keep Your Kids and Pets Out of Certain Rooms

How to Keep Your Kids and Pets Out of Certain Rooms

There are times when we have a certain room, or multiple rooms, in our homes that we would prefer our pets or children not to go into without supervision. It can be difficult to make sure that they aren’t entering these rooms when you don’t have the right protection or trust around them. Here are some easy ways that you can keep your pets and kids out of certain rooms in your home until you say that it is okay for them to enter.

Change up the door styles in your home

Normal doors can easily be opened by pets and kids if they are smart enough to get through them. Pets have learned throughout the years the trick of opening doors on their own. A lock could easily stop them, but a lock isn’t going to stop kids. Instead, you can keep your kids and pets out of your room by changing the style of the door entirely. Try out the style of custom metal doors. You will not regret this decision. It will be harder for your kids and pets to get in, but you will have all the access that you need.

Teach them not to

If you aren’t interested in remodeling your home for a pet or child not listening to the rules, try being a bit more strict on when they can and cannot enter certain rooms in a home. If you are trying to teach a pet, it can be a little bit difficult but you can lace the room with a scent that the pet doesn’t like and that usually helps. 

For a child, tell them that if they enter the room without permission, they will be punished. Place cameras in the room by the door to see if your child listens or not. This will also give you proof that your child didn’t listen and you can use that to show them why they are being punished. But you should try your best to remember that kids and pets are naturally curious, so even when you are doing punishments, don’t go too hard on them. They just want to know what is going on and they want to be involved too.

Get a baby gate

There is nothing wrong with a classic, and now that people are using baby gates for larger dogs, you can get a big baby gate that will block out even teenagers who are trying to get into a certain room. They might know how to unlatch the gate but they would need it to be placed in the exact same position for you to not know that they broke into the room and moved the gate to do it. 

No one wants to fight a baby gate to get into a room, so this is a very safe option for the parent that doesn’t want to make big life changes to your home or create punishments for something as simple as entering a room without permission.

Make the room hard to reach

If you don’t yet have the room location selected, or you can easily move the room, you can put it somewhere that your kids or pets can’t easily reach. The attic or the basement are always great places, even if it is your bedroom that you are trying to keep kids and pets out of. 

The attic usually involves a ladder and pets can’t get up that, and the basement is dark and scary so kids will not want to follow you down. However, if you are trying to keep your room in the same location and you don’t really feel like moving everything inside of that room down to the basement, or you physically cannot move the things to the attic or basement, then you will need to pick something else from the beginning of this list.

There are many ways that you can set boundaries in your home so that your pets and kids don’t find themselves in a room that you want them to stay out of. You just need to know when the boundaries aren’t working and it is time to move on to something that is a little bit more complicated or guarded.

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