What is Butterfly Haircut: Ideas and Styling Tips

Butterfly Haircut

Everyone has considered cutting their hair short occasionally, but really committing to a long-to-short hair change is another matter. Even if cutting all the inches off of your hair is trendy and stylish, it can be scary if you’re used to a longer length. Ask your stylist for a butterfly haircut if you want to experiment with short hair without committing to a drastic chop.

Are you unsure if a butterfly haircut is good for you and what it entails? This feathered “do,” which has gained popularity on social media as the “butterfly haircut,” has wispy, cascading layers that give your hair movement akin to a butterfly fluttering its wings. If you’re ready to commit, keep reading for all the information you need on the hottest hairstyle of the season, including three at-home styling options and ideas for butterfly haircuts. Here are the best ideas and styling tips. 

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

The longest layers of the butterfly cut, an extremely layered and feathery hairstyle, fall just below the shoulder. In order to provide the impression of having shorter strands, shorter layers are trimmed around the crown of your head.

According to many stylists, “the shortest top layer falls about two to three inches below your chin. “This is done to make it easier to pin the top layer underneath to resemble a short haircut by separating it from the bottom layer. Additionally, layers are clearly visible framing the face and emphasizing facial features, as Wolff shows in his instructional, which adds to the special attraction of this cut.

Can a Butterfly Haircut Be Done on Any Type of Hair?

A butterfly haircut will appeal to most people, but there are a few folks who shouldn’t get one. First, the combination of short and long layers in the butterfly haircut looks best on shoulder-length and longer hair. If you’d prefer, you may just alter the style to a shorter length. Just remember to add curtain fringe or face-framing layers to make your chin-length haircut dynamic and airy.  

A butterfly cut is not the most flattering cut for thin hair since the airy, feathery layers can make thin hair appear even more scant. If you want to try a similar look but your hair is thin, ask your stylist to cut your hair in a blunt cut to make the remaining length appear longer, and ask them to create face-framing layers, like a chin fringe.

This layered style works very well on thick and wavy hair types since the layers reduce volume. It can help minimize bulk while giving your curly tresses incredible definition, bounce, form, and movement—even for curly hair types.

What should you ask your hairdresser when you visit the salon?

It’s important to remember that there are different variations of this appearance. Find an online image of someone with a butterfly haircut that like you in terms of face shape and hair length, and then ask your stylist how to achieve that style in a way that best fits your face type. Ellis says, “In my opinion, this cut is not attractive on oblong or rectangular face shapes.” “So, if you’re having trouble with that, let your stylist know and ask for a similar cut that would work better on your face.”

How Should I Request a Butterfly Haircut from My Stylist?

Presenting your hairdresser with a photo of your ideal hairstyle is always a smart idea. Longer layers that run the length of your hair and shorter, face-framing layers that cascade like wings characterize the butterfly cut. Since the goal is to reduce weight rather than length, ask your stylist to create face-framing layers with wispy ends that start at your chin and longer layers throughout the remainder of your hair.

4 Best Ideas for Butterfly Haircuts

Consider again if you believe that a butterfly haircut is exclusive to people with long hair. With the correct tweaks, this buzzy haircut may be worn on many hair types, textures, and lengths. Consider these butterfly haircut ideas for your upcoming visit to the hairdresser. 

  1. Cute Short Butterfly Hairstyle

A butterfly haircut is a terrific method to mimic volume and body if you have thin, short hair. Also, you can add some choppy fringe for a moment of texture and scruffy hair.

  1. Mid-Length Hairstyle: Butterfly

This butterfly haircut features lengthier, face-framing sections for effortless style and air-drying 3. if you’re not into the maintenance of face-framing layers. 

  1. Side fringe and a butterfly hairstyle

Tell your stylist whether you would rather have a side-swept bang instead of a centre part for a butterfly cut. Blonde fringe complements the airy, butterfly layers and work well to soften an angular face shape.

Curly Butterfly Hairstyle

A butterfly haircut is a fantastic technique to add shape and reduce mass to your curly hair. Request lengthy, interior layers from your stylist to assist reduce weight and give the impression that all of your curls are the same length.  

How Should a Butterfly Haircut Be Styled?

There are several ways to style a butterfly hairstyle. While there are heatless solutions, some require heat, particularly if you’re seeking for sweeping layers and lots of volume. See how to wear a butterfly haircut three different ways. 

How to Use a Curling Iron to Style a Butterfly Haircut

It’s acceptable that not everyone will be adept at using a blow dryer and circular brush. There are several ways to style a butterfly haircut, and one excellent method to achieve a blowout with lots of volume is by using a curling iron. 

We advise using the previously specified shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair first. Brush out any tangles in your hair after towel drying it, then allow it to air dry. 

After your hair dries, use a heat protectant to keep frizz under control and lessen the damage your curling iron does. The best curling iron is one with a larger barrel, such as one or one and a half inches. Curl the layers that frame your face away from your face with the iron. 

Once every portion of hair has been curled, take a one-inch section and wrap it around a roller, rolling it away from your face and upward from the ends of your hair. Continue doing this until all of the layers that frame your face are curled and secured in place with rollers. 

The rollers will assist give your face-framing layers more body and volume without giving them a tighter curl. After the front sections of your hair are curled, work on the remaining strands, curling them away from your face and paying special attention to the ends.

Before taking the rollers out, let them sit for at least 20 minutes (this is a perfect opportunity to apply makeup). After the allotted time has elapsed, remove the rollers and turn your hair over to restyle the curls and add additional volume. 


  1. What distinguishes a layered cut from a butterfly cut?
  2. Ordinary layers are designed to form the face by flowing inward. The layers in a butterfly haircut make the outline of a butterfly’s wings, pointing away from the face.
  3. Does straight hair look well with a butterfly cut?
  4. Because it gives straight hair the necessary texture, the butterfly haircut can be particularly attractive for those with straight hair. Furthermore, it gives movement and dimension that straight hair might not have.
  5. Does fine hair work well with the butterfly cut?
  6. You might not want to get a butterfly cut if your hair is thin. If you have thin hair, adding lots of layers could make it appear even thinner. Try a blunt cut instead, which gives the appearance of thickness.