When to Turn to Technology to Make Your Business More Efficient

Make Your Business More Efficient

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to make your business more efficient. You could be looking to become more profitable or to take on more customers without having to upgrade your entire infrastructure. It could be that you have taken a look at your business and seen that you’re woefully inefficient and need to change to survive.

There’s more to increasing efficiency than just following people around with clipboards, trying to make them move faster. You could instead look to the technological options available to help your workforce out, make everything run more smoothly, and even increase your bottom line.

Look at your supply network

Any efficient business needs to depend on its supply network to make sure that stock and consumables are turning up when they’re needed. Supplies also need to be managed efficiently so that companies don’t have money tied up in stock that they won’t be using for weeks or even months. Getting this together alone might not be possible, so you’ll need to rely on a trusted freight forwarder to do the hard work for you.

Look for one which uses top-of-the-range freight management software so everyone is kept in the loop, and you’ll know that if any problems do occur, they are most likely unavoidable. Once this box is ticked, you’ll know that you have the products available to be ordered when your customers need them.

Sell more to existing customers

It’s cheaper and easier to sell again to existing customers rather than find new customers. This is because they already know and like what you do, so you need to keep in constant contact with them, as this will ensure you’re at the forefront of your customer’s minds. This doesn’t mean a constant barrage of sales emails, but perhaps a newsletter with useful tips and information about what’s happening in your product niche.

To make this possible, you’ll need reliable CRM software to capture their details and keep track of what they’ve bought previously so you can offer them appropriate other products for their next purchase. You could even, if your products fit into this model, sell to them on a subscription basis, and the best CRM software can manage that too.

Use chatbots on your site 

If you sell online, you’ll already know that people will have questions about your products. Some people just find it easier to ask than read FAQs, so you should invest in chatbots so you’re not paying for customer support staff 24/7. Chatbots come in different types, from simple salesclerk-type models to those that can deal with more complex issues. This saves customers from clicking away, which will increase the chance of a sale as well as make your sales process more efficient.

Staff training

Of course, you can’t (and shouldn’t) replace everyone with AI, and you’ll find that trained staff are more efficient. The most probable reason why you haven’t trained your workforce as well as you might have done is that you lack the resources, but by investing in training software, you can bridge the gap in your knowledge. This will come at a cost, but you’ll quickly find that this is more than offset by increased morale and efficiency among everyone who works for you.

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