Have a Look at the Best Big Data Certifications to Launch Your Career this 2019

Big Data Certifications

By 2020, the rate of data generation is predicted to reach ten times greater than what is generated today. Can you imagine the data that was collected within the previous seven to eight years was found to be massive when compared to the human history?

And now, ever since the hype in Big Data, organizations around the world have been working anxiously in building their data collection, analytics and operations. This technology no doubt has been increasing at a breakneck speed, leaving organizations striving for more expert professionals in this field. As it turns out, the demand for professionals with big data skills doesn’t seem to cease. And the good news is, with demand in the data realm, there are several online platforms that are easing out the challenges by providing big data certification for freshers and professionals.

Collectively, amidst the shortage of talent, these projects that there will be an increase in the supply of platforms that will help professionals get certified. Being a certified big data professional is an add-on benefit for employers and organizations that have started their own development and processes in the field of Big Data.

All certifications are not created equal, however, here are few of the top Big Data certification for you to consider:


Hortonworks, a leading innovator in the field of big data offers several Big Data Certifications for professionals starting their career in Big Data. A data professional can claim himself a Hortonworks Certified Professional provided the candidate completes and earn one of the Bog Data Certification offered by the institute. Hands-on and performance based exams is being offered here, however, to get there one needs to first complete a certain set of tasks.

Data Science Council of America

Looking to enhance your Big Data Career? The Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE) and Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE) offered by DASCA is one of the world’s best Big Data certifications today. For someone looking to launch a career in Big Data, an ideal career start would be the ABDE credentialing program. These programs are created on a robust DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework is specially designed for Big Data professionals that is currently practiced internationally.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) is another credible certification offered by INFORMS. Big Data skills and knowledge gained from this program is proven to be valid in the industry. Having a certification from this resource allows one to get well equipped in transforming data into valuable insights.

EMC Big Data

Big Data certification from EMC helps modify business challenge into analytics challenge and further helps deploy the entire analytics cycle. It is projected valuable for a candidate looking to add these skills to one’s projects and portfolio. One will be able to create statistical models using analytical techniques to solve complex analytical problems.

These are some of the best Big Data certifications for one looking to launch their career in the Big Data field.

A certified big data professional is highly sought after by current employers since they require candidates to handle individual responsibilities from day one itself. Moreover, organizations are quite skeptic about handing over sensitive data to candidates without skills or experience since data is sensitive and might incur huge loss to the organization if handled carelessly.

Think of these professional certifications as something that can future proof your career. Wherever and whatever position one holds today, it is advisable for one to stay in sync with the current industry’s requirement and stay updated with the technologies that keep emerging.

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